Angry Tweets for 2012-04-14

  • Watch my friday the 13th be full of happy responsible patients who dont fuss and pay their copays w/o question. #
  • "Dont got enough for my copays" but spend 2x the copay amounts on trivial useless OTC crap? GTFO you fucking waste of a soul. #
  • Do hookers get to write off panties, lipstick, condoms and listerine as a business expense? #
  • "No sir, I can't sell you that stock bottle of 100 sudafed 60 on account of your lack of teeth and transmission fluid on your shirt" #
  • I love it when crackheads try to flirt with me. Bitch I know you dont want me, you just want the keys to the store. #gtfocrackhead #
  • I hear a story being told out front involving narcotics. Glad to see friday the 13th is just another day in paradise. #
  • I think in a past life i was an ER doctor. I have this urge to blowgun all my patients with Narcan laced darts. #
  • Uh oh, hide, @burbdoc is all fired up on shitty parents (good thing he doesn't work here!). #
  • There are 2 walks of life that do not follow me, one with the little verified check-mark, and ppl who have worked in porn. #
  • Shit, I always thought if someone was nice to me and gave me stuff for free I was supposed to be grateful and polite, fuck was I wrong. #
  • Friday, almost closing time, im waiting for the truckload of peeps with "Im going out of town RIGHT NOW" stories to storm in. #
  • Oh, that didn't take long, one is out front telling their story right now. Avagadros FML. #
  • I swear, there is not a better cleanser than crackhead tears on your counter. Planning ahead, maybe now you'll learn. #
  • WTF I just got asked for a price quote for 360 Oxycontin 80. I almost said "Your first born", but I might get what I asked for. #
  • Corny joke of the day. Insurance doesnt pay for your atorvastatin and you don't want to pay for it, so you get no-vastatin. #

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