Angry Tweets for 2012-04-16

  • You can always tell if your female tech is married or not by how she shakes the amox suspension. #
  • How do you make every female pharm tech on the internet self concious? Call out how they shake amoxicillin. #
  • If politicians were pharmacists, they would make their techs do all the work, promise early narcs to everyone, and never show up to work. #
  • Oh, and on a narc inventory, they would clam that 500 vicodin were 'smashed and broken' and had to be disposed of. #
  • If there was a pharmacy reality show, I want to be on it. If someone made a pharmacy movie, I want a cameo on it. #
  • I want to be like Stan Lee in all the comic-book movies. I think that would fucking rule. #
  • In the movie, @Burbdoc can call in my Rx for Vicodin, Soma, Ativan, and Prometh with Codeine for which I will pay for with a check. #
  • Then 2 days later, I will "leave it all on the bus" and call the pharmacy every 2 mins until @BurbDoc approves the early fill. #
  • Best idea ever: Me having a cameo on House MD. "Early fill again House? You're as bad as the crackheads!" #
  • I would say to House "Bitch, you play an asshole on TV, I play one in real life" #

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