Angry Tweets for 2012-04-26

  • "This genetic drug dont work for me!" "Well then you can pay for brand name." "This genetic drug works damn good for me!" #
  • So for those of you NOT in pharmacy, when I talk about a "genetic" drug, I mean generic, because patients love calling generic "genetic". #
  • I got interviewed today: "What is advice you would give to someone going into your profession?" "BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! *snort* HAHAHAHA!!!" #
  • If I used 4square it would be: Work, home, liquor store, home, work, liquor store, titty bar, liquor store, titty bar, work, home, work. #
  • I think I just found my long lost twin. This isn't good if we get together. #
  • I dont always deny your early fill… But when I do I lol at you after you leave the store #pharmacymemes #
  • PUBLIC! Y U NO TAKE SHOWER! #pharmacymemes #
  • Not sure if playing dumb….. Or on too many vicodin….. #pharmacymemes #
  • Does anyone else but me think that if we shaped aerochambers like penises it would be funny? The MDI could be the balls. #drunkTAP #
  • Pharmacy Protip: "For Rectal Use Only" aux stickers have 100000 + 1 uses for making your day a little funnier. Dont ask. #

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