Angry Tweets for 2012-05-12

  • The anthem for today boys and girls: #
  • My Soma brings all the boys to the store, damn right its cheaper than yours, I'll fill it early but i'll have to charge. #
  • Fuck, my soma did bring all the boys to the yard, now I wish they would go away and stop yelling at me. #
  • My goal today, drink a gallon of chocolate milk. My purpose today, to not shit myself after said gallon is gone. #golytely #
  • No word yet from @Lexi_Comp still keeping my hopes up! #
  • What the hell, I give @Lexi_Comp tons of twitter entertainment and they cant even hook me up for free advertising? 🙂 #
  • Heh @TheBKBJ: "You just want to say that you're officially sponsored by @Lexi_Comp " … Me: "Yeah, actually, I do." #

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