2 thoughts on “Angry Tweets for 2012-06-09”

  1. Pharmacy recording:
    Habla en espaniole- pressae numero uno
    If you have a question about our store hours-press 2
    If you have a question about your prescription- press 3
    If you have a question about your insurance- press 4
    Did you know that if you pay cash, we’ll wipe your ass- press 5
    If you want to know the store location- press 6
    If you’de like, we can give you a free breast exam- press 7
    5 Star Pharmacist of the Month- press 8
    If you’de like to leave a recording- press 9
    If you’re a doctor’s offic, we don’t care so we made you wait- press 10


    I see you’re a doctor’s office:
    Press 1 if you’de like to leave a message (that wil never be listened to)
    Press 2 if you’de like to speak to a Pharmacy Associate (who is brain dead)
    Press 3 to speak directly to a Pharmacist

    BEEP….BEEP….BEEP…. MUSIC (for 1 minute to 10 minutes)

    ” Hello? This is Sue…you’re not in our system….I know you only want Promethazine suppositories but I need you DEA #, State License #, address, phone number, number of children, date of last mensteral period, HIV status, political affiliation, church attended, DOE #…….Now, how can I not help you”.

    TOUCHE MON FRAIR……..Love ‘ya anyway….just want it balanced…..Thanks!

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