Angry Tweets for 2012-08-18

  • There are two kinds of patients in the world, ones that makes you want to kill them, and ones that make you want to kill yourself. #
  • Pt is picking up vicodin/soma and talking about going home to take a nap. Boy, what a hard hard life you live. #
  • Ive realized that pts wont go where they can get personal service, they go for the cheapest, sloppiest, quickest service they can find. #
  • Then they nail you to the cross when their lazyness/stupidty ends up getting them hurt/killed. Welcome to America. #
  • Picking up your Rx's should not be like double parking at a whore-house, fast/sloppy isn't always better. #
  • Aint no party like a crackhead party cuz a crackhead party dont stop! #

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