Angry Tweets for 2012-08-22

  • So if there is "legitimate rape" can we have "legitimate stupidity?" Is there an ICD9 code for that? #
  • I have pill dust on the lower part of my shirt. I either am trying to get a crackhead BJ or had a 90yo man ejaculate on me. #
  • Whew! Im glad congressmen say stupid shit, or I might have to hear more about Jersey shore or the Kardashians. Thanks Congress! #
  • Im tired of all the rape/politic talk on twitter. Lets get back to stupid patients, buttholes, poop, etc. #
  • Congress in a nutshell: Bunch of whiny fucks who couldn't hold a real job if given one. Need to grow the fuck up and run the country. #
  • FUCK! A hefty prednisone taper for a pt who can barely hold a conversation. Good troll Doc. Well played.. Well played.. #
  • You can barely comprehend what im saying and you're being put on insulin? Welp, it was nice knowing you! #

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