One thought on “Angry Tweets for 2012-08-28”

  1. I worked for 36 years doing it, liking the money, and hating the job. I was in retail. Sometimes I put in 80 hours a week and collecting regular pay with some incentive increase. Then I became 60 years old, and it was time to discard me without warning. What about that time the boss called me at 7:30am on my day off to go to a store 19 miles away that was opening up in 30 minutes? I slaved for that company, and did they show me their appreciation? They had the gall to say I was drinking when I was not. They did not even test me. I would have passed the breathalizer showing a zero on the test. The board suspended me. Now I can’t work. I lost my house in foreclosure, and all I have left is a Social Security check.

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