Angry Tweets for 2012-08-29

  • Well today already went to shit, I woke up this morning. #
  • Sitting here thinking at what point will some asshole ruin my day. Its like russian roulette of pharmacy. #
  • You know what solves burnout? Having bills to pay and a family to provide for. No choice but to suck it up and fucking deal with it. #
  • Its not like your patients dont care about you, they just care about their pain-pills a whole lot more. #
  • My career choices in life were a porn star or a pharmacist. I chose the one that got fucked over more. Lucky me. #
  • Coffee, check. Antidepressants, check. Loss of faith in humanity, check. No more fucks to give, Check. Ready for work! #
  • I used to get pissed @ welfare pts going on long vacations, now i've just accepted that they've won and we've lost. We work and they play. #
  • Maam, if you wish to set your big hanging titties on my counter, please have the courtesy to wipe off the moon-shaped sweat marks when done. #

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