Angry Tweets for 2012-09-11

  • Reminder, my live tweetcast of a gallon of go-lytely doing the indy 500 through my GI track starts tomrorow, ~7pm Pacific. #
  • Regarding Tomorrow: "This shit is going to be off the hook! And down my legs, and splattered on the back of my balls, my ass, etc" #
  • I have instructed the wife go stock up on toliet paper. Or maybe a ShamWOW. #taplytely #
  • There must be an impatient asshole crackhead virus going around. Day has been nothing but them. #
  • In 24 hours I will be preventing lift-off and nursing the biggest hickey on my ass-cheeks ever. #
  • So if I swallow a bag full of gummi-bears whole, then chase it with go-lytely, i wonder if ATF would consider that a firearm. #

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