Angry Tweets for 2012-09-22

  • I hate it when random idiots walk up when we call someone elses name as if its them. Learn your fucking name dipshit. #
  • Even my fucking dog knows its own name. Theres no reason why you cant learn how your own name sounds. #
  • And dont give me this "Well its not their native language" bullshit, they know enough to collect a fucking check every month. #
  • Unless you're a fan of giving an idiot someone elses medicine because they walk up all derpy when its busy to someone elses name. #
  • Warning stickers have done more harm to the human race than anything else put together. Way to shit in the gene pool warning stickers! #
  • Jesus fuck its been an uphill day today. Fucking shit be over please. #
  • FUCK! Friday after all the MD's have their phones rolled over. Cue the PITA pt who needs his shit OMFG RIGHT NOW. #
  • Some days all we need to keep from drinking ourselves to death is a smile and a thank you. Thats all. #
  • Okay, tell me twitter, how fucking hard it is to read on your bottle "0 refills remaining"? #
  • Its like we're asking the patients to do quantum physics by calling in early when they have no refills left. #
  • Is it really that fucking hard? They can work the lotto machine but cant read a fucking pill bottle? #
  • But oh, they sure can remember how many refills they had on their fucking vicodin and soma Rx's can they. They call those in 4 weeks early. #
  • I mean for crying out fucking loud, READ THE FUCKING BOTTLE. You can buy the right brand of Cigs so I know you can fucking read. #
  • I swear, sometimes I think the only way to get a simple concept through their brain is write it on a scratcher or a pack of cigs. #

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