Angry Tweets for 2012-09-29

  • All in favor of putting winning lotto numbers on the Rx label so the pts will actually READ THE FUCKING THINGS say Aye… AYE! #
  • "Have my meds been ok'd yet?" *Looking through 5 non-narcs and one vicodin thats not been ok'd* "Nope, not your vicodin" "DAMN OKAY BYE!" #
  • If you call more than 3 times a day nagging me about your narc refills, you get a complementary CURES report faxed to all your doctors. #
  • You want to fix the profession of pharmacy? Allow us to drink on the job, allow us to charge a restocking fee, and dump gift cards. #
  • No joke, QOTW: "But Walmart filled 240 soma for me last week, why cant I get these from you today." Soma, killing brain-cells since 1959. #

One thought on “Angry Tweets for 2012-09-29”

  1. I work in the ghetto. A patient came in today trying to buy syringes for his friend. We declined due to safety reasons. He pulled up his sleeves to prove it wasn’t for himself. Don’t care, didn’t want to sell them. He begged me so his friends wouldn’t get AIDS. Said sorry, maybe you should get your friend to rehab. He said, “If you don’t give me the syringes than {insert pharmacy name} is going to give my friend AIDS!!” I said, {insert pharmacy name} doesn’t give people AIDS, people give people AIDS.

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