Penis Erectors for Everyone!

I recieved a request from a loyal reader!
Hey lets hear some bitchin about the God damn medicaid people that drive thru the drive thru in a lexus picking up there free cialis!! Then they bitch when some of them have to pay a dollar co pay!!! Boo fuckin who! I wish my co-pay’s were a fuckin dollar. Keep it coming brother i love the blog!
I have this theory that goes something like this:
“Your Rx copays are directly proportional to your income”
It seems like us as a society decided to take all the “less fortunate” and put them on the best damn insurance plan on the planet. Thats right! An insurance plan so good, that until the first of the year they had zero copays on all the new and spiffy trade name medication!
Nothing used to piss me off more than seeing a MedicAid patient come in (before the first) and bitch and moan that they wanted ‘trade name’ medication. That generics ‘didnt work’ or ‘they made me sick’. Hearing that is a virtual bitchslap to the faces of all the taxpaying citizens that allow this person to exist a somewhat normal life. My boss used to say “If I could buy the same insurance that the MedicAid patients have, I’d do it in a heartbeat”. Well you can, its called “Cash”. Give it all to me, then you can be on the same insurance plan as MedicAid patients.
Then came Medicare Part D. For as much as this fucked over pharmacies and caused pharmacists’ heads to explode, it gave me a glimmer of happiness watching all of the people who drive their escaldes and lexus’ around now having to pay 1 or 3 dollars for their medication. At least now they dont call in “all my regular meds” because of the copays. But that just turned to frustration when they blamed me for their now completely-too-expensive copays.
One person bitched so much about paying a $3 copay for a $200 medication that I took all of her Rx’s back, switched them all back to cash, and gave it back to her. She promptly shut the fuck up, and kindly payed her 5 dollars worth of copays (for 3 medications) and has never bitched again. I could hear pharmacists everywhere cheering at the small victory I made that day. God how I wish i could tell people how I really think.
People honestly need a reality check when it comes to medication pricing. People take the system (which they dont contribute to; unless you count babies and self-induced “disablities”) for granted so blantanly that its a bitchslap to those of us who put in 9 hours a day because we have enough self-respect and dignity not to rely on a state system to pay for our lives. Sometimes I wonder if I made the wrong decision.
Now the system is of course being used properly to act as a crutch to help people get back on their feet. However that doesnt make for good bitching.. 🙂
Yes, I know i’m an asshole and I’m going straight to Hell when I die.

People, Stupidty, and You.

This goes out to all my Pharmacists and Techs out there who really do hate people. This is a pretty hateful entry with lots of bad language, sexual imagery, and general bitching.
Its hard for me to comprehend how dumb people are. I’m not being uppity here, but honestly concerned that there are a buttload of people who fail at basic life skills.
When your vial says “Take one pill daily” it means “Take one fucking pill daily you stupid son of a bitch”. I cant count how many times ive had to go down and explain to dumbshits what “once daily” means. Now this isnt the common “morning or night” question (which is actually valid), its the “you mean in the morning and at bedtime?” question. Heaven forbid we make these dumb idiots do math and divide any number by 24 to figure out that ‘every 8 hours’ really converts to ‘three times a day’.
I’m surprised more people dont die from medication misuse, really I do. You wonder why medication costs so much in the US? Its because the same idiot that cant read the fucking bottle can sure as shit call a fucking lawyer and get 800 trillion dollars for being (wait for it)… STUPID and never work again in their life. Its the American Dream.
Another really stupid question involved medication that says “Take 1 tablet at bedtime”. Now idiots come to me and ask “Is this with dinner?”. If you sleep after dinner, then sure, why not. Its to be taken at bedtime. People dont comprehend the word “Bedtime”. If you sleep during the day, then take it then. I explain it to people as “When you get in your bed, take this pill” (“But what if I take a nap?”) DIE DIE DIE!!@#!@#!
One dumbshit actually came up to me and asks if Ambien (an Rx sleeping pill) will cause sedation. No asshole, it’ll make your prick grow until it smacks you in the forhead and your balls will explode. Any penile enhancement drugs are sure to get some humorous comments. My favorite is:
Patient: “Can I get this over the counter”
Pharmacist: “Maybe if you take two you can”.
Ooooh! Wheres my rimshot!
Guess what. These dumbasses dont understand what ‘once daily’ means, but they sure can pop out the children like Pez. It makes me sob when the woman is out boozing during the first and second trimester but seems to act all concerned “whats entering her body” during the third trimester. Sorry toots, the game’s over, you be screwed.
It requres a license to drive a car, and to dispense medication, but not to have a child. Something is obvously wrong.

New Sudafed Laws.

As of 9/30/06 – a new sudafed law took into effect.
Every single product containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) has to be either in a locked cabinet or behind the counter. Also all sales of PSE containing products need to be logged in a book with a drivers license number, address, reason for taking it (wtf?) and signature. This is to “Curb the production of Methamphetamine”. The daily limit is 3.6 grams of sudafed and the monthly limit is 9 grams of sudafed.
This is so fucking outrageous and stupid it makes my head spin. -All- PSE containing products. That means infant cough/cold drops need to be locked up. Dimatapp needs to be locked up. Everything! Retarded! Is some crackhead going to cook 60 gallons of pediacare drops to make meth? Fuck no! I can see the stock bottles of 100 PSE 60mg, but childrens cold preps?
Who are they fooling anyways? Do they think that this is magically going to stop the production of meth? Dont they realize that the shit is being trucked in by the tons from Mexico? That its perfectly possible for a person to drive across the boarder, pick up like eleventybillion pounds of this shit, and just truck right on back in?
But no, just like guns and other things that are cool, the law abiding citizens have to pay for all the fuckups doing. I predict that this will have no effect on the production of meth. Im even willing to put money on it.
What gets me, is that they have to sign a log book, and their daily limit is 3.6 grams. What stops them from just going across the street to Walgreens and picking up another 3.6 grams; then to Longs, 3.6 grams; Rite Aid? Yup! 3.6 grams! Who cares if they sign the log book. The DEA agent is going to look at it and say “Yup, this dude we caught went to 10 different pharmacies in the same day and bought sudafed”. No fucking shit asshole! Will the pharmacies get in trouble? No, because we complied with the 3.6 grams/day law. So really, whats the point of this stupid shit anyways? Much like cocaine, C2 narcotics, and the “War on Drugs” bullshit, this whole program looks good on paper but will cost us more money and time than building a huge moat (with sharks) between us and Mexico.
People need to start using some common sense and stop selling sudafed to the fucking tweaker at 3am rather than punish the rest of us. I know what will curb the production of meth, public executions for the people who make it.