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Hi Pharmacists/Doctors/Students/General Public

As you can see, the site has changed a bit to add some new features.

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Other things:

  • I have a bunch of questions mailed to me for “Ask the Angry Pharmacist”.  Be patient and i’ll get to them.  About 50 of you emailed me the first day.
  • If you have a topic you wish for me to bitch about, feel free to email me ( and i’ll see what I can do.  I always like to trash on Pharmacy School classes.
  • I’ve been contemplating putting ads on the site to help pay for the hosting (or a “buy me booze” paypal button to donate to the site), but I’m still sorta mulling this over.  Suggestions?

Be on the lookout for a nice hefty rant about how we are all going to get screwed over the first of the year.

Oh, that gosh darn UOP is at it again!

From The Angry Intern, a student of UOP (who is just an Angry Pharmacist in Training) on a “Cultural Competency” class that is given for $55k/yr

Why this is part of our curriculum still puzzles me. Yes we should be aware of other cultures; but that’s also saying we should sterotype people to some extent as well. Why do I bring this up now? Mostly because the professor teaching us how to be culturally competent is in fact the least culturally competent person I’ve met.

A class to teach how to become culturally competent? Oh, it gets better!

Speaking to the class on monday before Thankgiving Day break, she so proudly stated
“Some people think we have Thanksgiving to celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to Plymouth Rock. His journey on the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria” ….”Oh yeah, thats right…..are you smarter than a fifth grader?” (in that “damn right I know my shit” tone)

Uh… Yeah… Now I think classes like this for pharmacists are just outright stupid. For doctors I can sorta see having something like this, because you are at least touching and examining the patient and dont want to offend her by not bowing a certain direction before you stick your hand up her hoo-hah for that annual. What the hell are we to use one of these classes for? To bow before we give out vicodin and soma to a certain class of patient? Or maybe face all of the tablets East or South or maybe North?

“Stereotyping (or racial profiling) didn’t exist until after 9/11” (I don’t know the exact words but this is pretty close)

Thats right, no pharmacist thought to themselves “Oh god, I wonder if I have norco by qualitest in stock” when they see a crackhead of a certain race/color/creed/religion/disability waltz in the front door. Nope, never happened before 9/11 or even before 9:11am for that matter. “No maam, would of never of guessed you wanted trade-name Vicodin judging by all that fake mall-island bling you are wearing and that just-about-repo’d escalade with the 1 spinner rim taking up 2 parking spots in the lot”.
Someone needs to give me some dirt other than UOP. Come on hoards of STLCOP students out there!