Angry Tweets for 2011-04-16

  • What hashtag can I abuse today. #aPTD sx. #
  • *sigh* Its sad when the morning goof-off with your twitter friends is the only time you'll smile/laugh all day. #
  • Off to work, its friday. Fuck. #
  • Is it known to the state of California that subjects in a pharmacy may cause bitterness, cynicism, and resentment towards your fellow man. #
  • I'm waiting for the sun to burn out so I can tell the crackheads "YOU HAVE A FUCKING LARGER PROBLEM THAN YOUR FUCKING PAIN PILLS IDIOT!" #
  • BKBJ has been running me over with the failboat today. #
  • So full of fail today…. omfg so full of fail. HEY TAP HERE I COME IN THE FAILBOAT *squish*. #
  • Im dilated to 4-5, crowning, and someone is ON THE FUCKING CAN. #
  • I feel like prank-calling my patients #aPTD #
  • hahahaha You know my watsons bring all the crackheads to the yard, damn right my soma iz better than yours. #

Angry Tweets for 2011-04-15

  • I'd rather be an anuscope subject (without lube) than deal with the patient that just walked through the front door. #
  • I hate goofy motherfuckers who just psychotically babble about random shit. #
  • My neck is stiffer than a 14 year old getting a lapdance. #
  • Pt "Well Ive worked in a pharmac-" Me: Well since you have, you realize how busy I am and exactly how Rx transfers work. #
  • Inject 20.5 units of lantus at bedtime. Really? 20.5? You want 4.5343 mL of Amox 500 susp to go with this bullshit order? #
  • Just because you "worked in a pharm" doesnt mean you know anything. I have sex, yet you dont see me telling porn stars how to do their job #
  • No you cannot use a camera-phone image as your Rx hard copy. Was your crib painted with lead paint? #
  • I dont give a fuck what the doctor told you. I cant change the Rx based upon what he "told you". No new Rx = No changes. #
  • Hm, only vodka left in the Angry Liquor Cabinet. Must fix this soon. #

Angry Tweets for 2011-04-13

  • SHIT off to work 2 FUCKING HOURS EARLY for robot repair work. FML. #
  • Really have to fart. Do i hold it and explode or hope its silent and risk it sounding like a siren. #
  • Robot Guy: Oh, its not hot in here, you dont need the fans on.
    Me: Oh, we needs the fans on. Trust me. #
  • Bleh, fuck today. #