Angry Tweets for 2011-08-18

  • Yes, I would like 2 tickets to funkytown. #
  • Big wooden spoon? CHECK!
    Big pot of twitter drama stew? CHECK!
    2 turntables and a microphone? CHECK! #
  • I cant believe 5k of you people follow me on twitter. I must be fucking awesome or you all must have 0 life. Im betting on awesome. #
  • "How much are those tylenol?" Let me walk ALL the way around the counter to get the cream NEXT TO YOU and look on the back. Lazy fuck. #
  • Why did i just call Tylenol cream? Shit, i think its the DT's kickin in. #
  • Twitter wants me to follow @DJPaulyD, as if my work-day isn't already filled with douches. #
  • Excuse me, Im going to go stalk some internet famous people and visit them at work. #
  • I almost strangled me some residents today. #
  • It makes me happy that @BurbDoc gets a small taste of what us retail grunts put up with for a living. At least he's still getting paid. #
  • Jesus H christ, I shit for 20 fucking mins and you all go on a tweet-a-thon. Installing toilet in front of computer. #

Angry Tweets for 2011-08-11

  • What the fuck is happening to pharmacy! #
  • Nurses, prepare to have your profession shit on like what happened to Pharmacy. Yours is coming too. #
  • So I advance this dickhead some BP meds because "I got no money", then he goes and buys fucking magazines with a wad of cash. #fml #
  • Line I used on a patient who wanted her prometh w/ cod xferd here: "Oh, of course only the thick purple stuff works vs other generics" #

The dreaded RTS

What is the public enemy number 1 of any pharmacy?  No, its not the patients.

Its the dreaded RTS bin.

Thats right! The Return To Stock bin.  The glorious bin of drugs that patients called in to have refilled “RIGHT NOW” yet never got off their lazy asses to come and pick up.  You know, all the simvastatin and lisinopril that the patient pitched an absolute fit right in the store because they “were out” and didn’t have any refills remaining yet never bothered to pick up 2 weeks later.

RTS’s absolutely kill pharmacies.  Here’s why (to those at home who don’t work in a pharmacy).

It takes money to fill a prescription (gasp!) other than the raw cost of the drug.  Everything from the vial, to the label, to the computer system/printer/toner that spits out the label (that you fucking don’t read) to the tech that fills it, to the pharmacist that checks it, to the clerk that puts it in a little bag and takes your whiny phone calls.  All of those steps cost money.  Thats not even counting the electricity, insurance, employee taxes, etc.

We get a dispensing fee paid for by YOUR insurance to cover these fixed costs.  Why are they fixed? Because the dispensing cost is the same if the drug costs $1 to $5000 kerzillion dollars.  When you pick up and sign for the medication, we have proof to your insurance company that you in fact received the medication and their piddly $2 dispensing fee was in fact put to its intended use.

Now say that drug filled vial with your name on it just sits out front for a few weeks.  It starts to get lonely sitting by itself in the pharmacy because contrary to what you read on the internet, just ordering your medication doesn’t make it magically work, you need to TAKE the fucking medication.  Eventually, we need that space to store medications for people who give a fuck about their health.  Your vial then gets RTS’d.  Since we didn’t dispense that medication, we legally cannot accept the money that your insurance company paid us for the drug + dispensing fee.  So now, we “back out” the prescription (meaning we give the money your insurance company paid us BACK to them, all of it), and now must PAY someone to put the drug back into the big stock bottles.  We have to throw away the vial and the label as well.

Your laziness now has cost the pharmacy double the labor + the cost of the vial/label  for which we are getting paid a whopping $0.00 for.  All because you called in a refill and didn’t get off your ass to pick it up.  My store has a policy that we call people once their medications have sat for a week, then we give them a second call 5 days later.  Yes, we PAY someone to call you to remind you that the prescriptions that YOU CALLED IN have sat here for a week.  This is after we told you when you called in your refills that they will be ready later on that day.   Ask me how this can be any more straightforward!  Oh, I guess its as straightforward as paying your fucking phone bill because every time you come in you give us ANOTHER phone number (thats disconnected 2 days later).

After about the second time I RTS a prescription for a patient, I put a big note in their profile to make sure they are told that we will fill their prescriptions when they are IN the store due to us always putting back into stock what they order.  What do I get? A bunch of swearing at me from over the counter by some idiot unwashed mouth-breather to the tune of “I called these in a week ago, why aren’t they ready yet!”  This is after they were EXPLAINED why they must be here for me to fill their “diabeetus and list-o-pril” pills.  I swear I can’t fucking win.

This shit really pisses me off.  Its a waste of my fucking time and a waste of the stores money.  Since my store doesn’t do auto-fills, if you’re not going to take your fucking medication, then save us all the headache and don’t call it in.

Oh, and a cool pharmacy fun-fact, is that controlled prescriptions are a good chunk of what I fill everyday, yet less than 1% of the drugs I RTS.  Big fucking surprise.