The right and wrong reasons to give your pharmacist both barrels

I admit, my shit is far from smelling like I rose.  I fuck up as much as any pharmacist out there (yes, we do fuck up, more than you think and a lot more than we want).

However, you must choose your battles with your pharmacist carefully.

Its sorta okay for you to give me both barrels when you call in “all my regular monthly meds” and I miss that albuterol MDI that you filled 9 months ago because (silly me) I didnt realize it was part of your “regular monthly meds”.  I mean in my world, meaning common-fucking-sense-land, the world ‘regular monthly’ means the shit you take every month; like your vicodin, soma, and the other unimportant non-narcotic shit that you take to keep your sorry ass alive.  Usually I’ll send my apologies (and raise the price on your narcs for next month) and kindly ask that next time you tell me if you need anything that you dont pick up every month.  Oh, and I’ll be sure to remind you of this conversation next month when I fill your albuterol and you scream at me that you don’t need it, and ask why did I fill it.

Fuck I hate not having the power to read minds… Or blow people up with a thought.  I’d be the shittiest X-Men around.

However dont you ever, fucking EVER give me both barrels because your lazy sorry ass didnt realize that you had 0 refills remaining and I haven’t heard back from the doctor (and of course you’re out).  Thats your fucking fault, not mine.  If you want me to hold your hand like your mother, then I reserve the right to slap the living shit out of you for being fucking stupid like your mother should have.

Don’t ever make me drop everything Im doing because you need your hospital discharge meds filled RIGHT NOW that were written a fucking week ago.  You waited a week to get them filled? You obviously can wait for me to get to them after I finish the Rx’s of the people patiently waiting who do have their shit together.

Don’t ever put me in the middle of your fucked up family issues because your ‘caregiver daughter’ (who has picked up your narcs for the last year) decided to sell them to get that new tattoo and you want me to get the drugs from her.  Don’t even get me started with your daughters crackhead boyfriend who ‘stole’ your oxy 30’s.

Don’t ever give me both barrels and throw down the race/poverty/etc card as an excuse on why I wont fill your narcotics early.  Oh, and by early, I dont mean like a day or two, I mean like 2 weeks early.  Race/poverty/etc isn’t a excuse card for being stupid and not taking responsibility for your actions.

Going on vacation? See 0 refills on your bottle? Obviously you planned enough ahead to get plane tickets for your 3 month trip to a far away land yet were mentally incapable of at least giving me a week’s notice to try to get auths for your medications that (you know) you need to survive.  Must be nice to go on vacation for 3 months.

Fuck, I need a drink after writing this.

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  1. Ha! You, my friend, seem to reside in an area with a higher idiot-to-normal ratio. That, or your sunny disposition is so irresistible that fuckwads simply can’t help themselves and gladly accept the eat-shit-and-die glares you must zap them with!

    1. Actually it’s not the same ANGRY PHARMACIST who used to do it years ago. I can tell, there’s a feminine sound to the ranting and too many swear words. I see a black woman, and she’s not really a pharmacist, but a tech or just hangs around or came across the old blog of Angry Pharmacist. Sorry to burst your bubble.

      1. Way to be a racist. I see you has an overweight 40-something single white woman sitting around with her 20 cats getting a sweet SSI check for that “fibromyalgia” diagnosis that took you 10 doctors to finally diagnose. You spend your days watching QVC buying cheap items and binge-watching Dr Oz. You spend your evenings scouring the internet for a medical diagnosis to justify your lazy behavior and posting on a message board (that you’re the owner/moderator of) about said findings (and how miserable you are) while enjoying the health benefits of various stupid ‘home remedies’ that were proven to not do a thing.

        1. You are definitely a pharmacist. Like all good in health care you try to help people. Unfortunately you can’t fix stupid people.

    2. this shit is funny. bunch of judge-mental pill counters bitching about your job. Maybe if you did more to help customers than fuck them over you would get more pleasant people. you all sound like a bunch of cry babies just do your jobs, or pretty soon you might have to do some actual labor hurt yourself and go on narcos. bunch of dickheads

    1. Nabz, not exactly. It’s a woman pharmacist, not the guy who was dong it before. This lady is going to be better. But it is not the real ANGRY PHARMACIST… Sorry to burst your Bezo brain.

  2. I don’t think this is the original Angry Pharmacist. Actually, it sounds like a very overly fake angry woman… I think she is black too! This is not exactly like the old Angry Pharmacist blog was. So you can’t take over for the only one. And besides, I am NOT having any issues with my pharmacy because I do not doctor shop, I do not go from drugstore to drugstore trying to obtain drugs or Urgent Care to get some fun drugs. I think that most new pharmacists are not like this one, if indeed this person is really the same person… I think they took over for whomever was doing it… Good luck… You better be as funny as the other one.

      1. Yep, I agree on that one…WTF, does that comment mean? Time will tell, coz U have great foresight & style…few could mimic…yet, even if they tried…what’s the problem here? If they don’t like the blog…go away!
        It’s not as if U are encouraging drug use here…I can’t see the problem!
        Turned U into a woman & black…FANTASTIC…is that suppose to make U feel less of a person? Just don’t get some ppl’s thinking, at all…yet, they are coming to U to pickup their drugs…they feel they desperately need. Well, maybe they DO need them…anti-psychotics.

  3. Yup. The whole world is nuts. The more I deal with people, the more I like dogs. 3 years and 5 months to retirement. Peace at last, peace at last, praise God Almighty, I will have peace at last!

    1. Yeah, I hear U Lee…prefer dogs? But the poor Vet is doctor & pharmacist too…dealing with the same CRAZIES that might be willing to take the animal’s drugs. It’s a crazy world that takes some judgement…and yeah, it ALL started out exciting to HELP the world…before U can’t wait to RETIRE!

    1. Ass cancer… coming your way..Bitter, angry son of a gun..Take a break.. I’m not saying that to be a bitch…But anger is dangerous.. Acupuncture, massage, long walks in the park with your angry partner. She/hes prolly an angel…

      1. The Angry Pharmacist isn’t uncaring…this PROFESSIONAL is a REALIST…so stop blaming him for any angry partner, U may have.
        Go try AP, massage & long walks in the park…there is NO cure or management of a sociopathic arsehole…that could be ur partner….but, I guess he likes drugs, doesn’t he?
        And if U don’t like the blog, Shannon…then, stay away!

    2. Shannon – you’ve probably run away from every bump in the road you have ever had. This is TAP’s way vent to cope with a few all knowing assholes that come into the pharmacies across the nation. No occupation is perfect. We all need a way to make it more tolerable at times. Just out of curiocity, how many people/family members do you support, or does the government support them for you?

      1. Grumpy,

        She’s probably one of those patients who will gladly wait 20 min to be seated at a restaurant but will sigh loudly when her 20 state-paid-for meds take more than 2 mins to fill. Then she’ll bitch that its not the DAN Soma or the Rhodes Oxycodone 30.

  4. You are my spirit animal. PREACH IT! that is all.. Keep on keeping on. Legit as I was reading this article some idiot came up and said “Just fill everything…..I NEED IT NOW” This ain’t GJ Wentworth!

  5. I used to think when I did retail pharmacy surely I was getting singled out for special treatment by the nastiest most hateful patients in the world. “Gimme my god damn medicine or i will knock you out!”
    Now I work with physicians and guess what they get beat down by the same nasty patients making insane demands. I guess if you wear a white coat people expect you to wave a magic wand and make all the bad health choices made in their lives magically go away. If you can’t they raise hell. What you mean my MI was caused by my ignoring by cholesterol for the past 20 years!!! Then they go down to pharmacy to make your life miserable. But not before they curse out the nursing staff for making them wait too long. Meanwhile both the doctor and me are shaking our heads and saying wtf just happened ??!!!
    Yes sir the grass is greener on the other side of hill because it has plenty of manure dumped on it. I had a coworker suggest I go to counseling. I replied that unless they can teach me how to fix stupid they would not be helpful. My son told he was not interested in Pharmacy. I said to myself thank you God.

  6. for all u dipshits, who obviously have never worked a day in your life dealing with the public,get over it!!!!!!!!!!! ….leave my angry pharmacist alone….he/she is right on!!!!!!!!!! You can’t fix stupid. On the bright side, these dolts have to make you feel like a genius!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And just guessing, but I bet Angry is compassionate and caring for those who are REALLY in need and not some dumbass who was born to aggravate the ever living out of you …so bug off!!!!

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