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New Sudafed Laws.

As of 9/30/06 – a new sudafed law took into effect.
Every single product containing pseudoephedrine (PSE) has to be either in a locked cabinet or behind the counter. Also all sales of PSE containing products need to be logged in a book with a drivers license number, address, reason for taking it (wtf?) and signature. This is to “Curb the production of Methamphetamine”. The daily limit is 3.6 grams of sudafed and the monthly limit is 9 grams of sudafed.
This is so fucking outrageous and stupid it makes my head spin. -All- PSE containing products. That means infant cough/cold drops need to be locked up. Dimatapp needs to be locked up. Everything! Retarded! Is some crackhead going to cook 60 gallons of pediacare drops to make meth? Fuck no! I can see the stock bottles of 100 PSE 60mg, but childrens cold preps?
Who are they fooling anyways? Do they think that this is magically going to stop the production of meth? Dont they realize that the shit is being trucked in by the tons from Mexico? That its perfectly possible for a person to drive across the boarder, pick up like eleventybillion pounds of this shit, and just truck right on back in?
But no, just like guns and other things that are cool, the law abiding citizens have to pay for all the fuckups doing. I predict that this will have no effect on the production of meth. Im even willing to put money on it.
What gets me, is that they have to sign a log book, and their daily limit is 3.6 grams. What stops them from just going across the street to Walgreens and picking up another 3.6 grams; then to Longs, 3.6 grams; Rite Aid? Yup! 3.6 grams! Who cares if they sign the log book. The DEA agent is going to look at it and say “Yup, this dude we caught went to 10 different pharmacies in the same day and bought sudafed”. No fucking shit asshole! Will the pharmacies get in trouble? No, because we complied with the 3.6 grams/day law. So really, whats the point of this stupid shit anyways? Much like cocaine, C2 narcotics, and the “War on Drugs” bullshit, this whole program looks good on paper but will cost us more money and time than building a huge moat (with sharks) between us and Mexico.
People need to start using some common sense and stop selling sudafed to the fucking tweaker at 3am rather than punish the rest of us. I know what will curb the production of meth, public executions for the people who make it.

Stupidity, Doctors, and Drug Reps

I know I havent updated in a bit, but to be honest I havent been really angry about anything new and exciting to rant about! I know you would all /hate/ to see me rehash something over and over (*ahem*non-english-speakers*ahem*) but never fear, stupidty came to the rescue!
All pharmacists have been in this situation before:
You’re working along; pissed off at the smelly twat in front of you who wants her soma filled 3 weeks early, when in walks this nicely dressed guy/gal in a suit and tie (or low cut dress and skirt) and just waltz’ right up to the counter.
Your thoughts?

  • Shit! State Board! Make a few techs “clerk typists” and put your name badges on! HOLY SHIT HIDE THE OUTDATES!
  • Auditors! God dammit!
  • Another /FUCKING/ drug rep to waste my time.
    I rate drug reps about one step lower than used car salesmen. At least used car salesmen know they dont know shit. Drug reps think they know everything under the sun about whatever crap they are throwing back up at you. Its downright silly sometimes. I know some have “degrees” and that crap, but honestly, a drug rep compared to a pharmacist in the therapeutic and pharmacology department.
    The worse part is that the doctors just gobble this shit up like no tomorrow. Do doctors have rocks in their heads? Oh wait, we all know the answer to this. Why will a doctor listen to some two-bit twat with a low cut shirt about some drug she has /no/ idea how it works or who covers it and not your local neighborhood pharmacist who deals with this shit day in an day out. Oh wait, we all know the answer to this one too. I need to grow some tits or something.
    Doctors are idiots. They will use a product for 20 years without any complaints, but will switch at the drop of a hat when some big tittied blonde comes waltzing in with her porno high heels on. They say “ooooh, but the studies show this one is better.. ooooooooooh”. Look who funded the study you dumbshit, of course its going to say its better when the drug company pushing the shit is footing the bill for the study! When do you see a published paper about a drug where the funding company’s product rates lower than the ‘gold standard’. Wait…. Ultracet, my bad again.
    Now dont get me wrong. This only applies to the /new/ drug reps. We had one in the other day, threw some nice pens on the counter and proceeded to bullshit with the two other pharmacists who have known him for 30 years. Not once did he want to talk to me about a ‘study’ that shows ‘my product’ to be superior to ‘their product’. He asked how we’re doing, if we needed anything, and off he went. Excellent.
    The new ones however will throw a fistful of studies in your face showing how their product is “better”. Who reads these fucking studies? Its like reading Romeo and Juliet and being surprised that they die at the end! Or watching a Keanu Reeves movie and expecting some good acting! Or reading this blog and expecting me to be happy! We all know they arent going to give you studies that shows their product preforming worse than the current therapies, so why bother reading them.
    The best is this new product, I think its called “Proquin XR” or some bullshit like that. Its basically Cipro in a once daily treatment for UTI. Big warnings in the magazines: “THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTION FOR THIS PRODUCT”. My ass their isnt. One phone call saying that this $6/pill magic wonder isnt covered and its getting substuted for a 10 day run of generic cipro for $9 out the door. Drug companies can blow me with their “NO SUB” bullshit. I’m going to fucking sub it regardless what your paper says (with doctor or whatever numbskull will say yes and give me their name’s okay of course).
    I hate drug reps so much that when I go to their verbal-masturbation sessions (ie: Free Dinners), I order the most expensive thing on the menu even if I dont like it. Hey, i’m bitter, but i’m not an idiot. A free dinner is a free dinner, and i’ll sleep through a talk to get a $75/plate dinner that I would never have by myself.
    Why do drug reps even come into my work. As if i’m going to do what they say. Thats about as smart as refilling a vicodin prescription because the patient said “I talked with the doctor, and he said it was okay to fill”.. “dur dee dur, okay! heres your refill.. duuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”….
    The best are the test-machine reps. They come in with their little name-tag, and their little briefcase with their little meters in them. They want me to sit down so they can show me how the meters work (as if I cant figure it out on my own, yanno how different all 10000 meters on the market are). Then they explain to me how wonderful theirs is compared with all the other ones, blah blah blah. Then they give me some post-its (which I like), and those cheap plastic pens. They act all shocked and confused when I ask for the “doctors pens”. You all know, the really heavy ones that come in a nice velvet sleeve. The ones they dont give to us piddly pharmacist. Some just lie and say they dont have any, upon which I ask for the one they are using. Others pony up and walk out to the car to either retrieve one pen, or just get in and drive off leaving me high and dry. I think i’d warm up to drug reps a bit more if they said “oh, if you use this product, i’ll go wash your car!” or “I’ll give you a backrub if you use product X”. “Need the floor swept? Think of Diovan!”
    Doctors need to start prescribing based upon good judgement and their pharmacological training (haaaaaa haaaa!) and not based upon what some dirty multi-kerzillion dollar company tells them to prescribe.

  • Prenatal Vitamins & Bat Shit Crazyness

    There is one prescription that I know makes every pharmacist get a little bout of acid reflux in their lives:
    An Rx for some new funky-sounding prenatal vitamin with the big DAW-1 box checked. You know their insurance company isnt going to pay for it. Plus if they do, the’ll only cover a month supply so you’ll be stuck with the other 70 tablets making your prenatal section look like the warfarin /levoxyl sections (tons of bottles, all different strengths/colors).
    Are OB-Gyn’s retarded? Does sticking your fingers into vaginas for a living rot your brain? Do they realize that there is NO significant difference between the bazillion of prenatal vitamins out there, and the drug companies are just exploiting pregant womens drive to have a healthy baby? With the exception of Folic Acid, there is really no research showing that one brand of prenatal vitamin is better than any other one. Its such an inexact science (since women can take nothing and 99.9% of the time have a healthy baby) that it boarderlines voodoo!
    However to the uninformed: most prenatal vitamins have one of the following that make them “special”.

  • 1 mg of folic acid vs the 220mcg (or something) that the OTC ones have (folic acid has been shown to prevent spinal defects, so this one has some merit)
  • Some voodoo magical iron prep thats supposed to be gentle on the stomach of the pregnant woman who spends all day consuming dirt, pickles, and other wierd ass cravings.
  • Little hearts on the pills that make you feel all squishy as you pay $4/tablet
  • A bullshit name
  • 10000000% of your daily allowance of the B+C vitamins, knowing full well your body will just pee out 99.999% of it
  • 3.457mg difference in every other ingrediant thats present in all prenatal vitamins
    One woman claimed that she tried out 20 different brands of prenatal vitamins before she found one that “worked”. Now what the fuck is that supposed to mean? They all have the same shit in them! How can a prenatal vitamin “work” and more importantly, how can you tell its “working?” Does the fetus say “Yup, i feel it working better! Thanks mom! *thumbs up*”.
    Now dont make a mistake and bring up logic and reasoning in front of the poor pregnant gal. She’ll give you both barrels of hormone induced insanity all over your front counter in front of your entire staff (because its HER body and she knows exactly what the baby needs). Heaven forbid you’re a male, because you “dont know how it feels to be pregnant and taking inferior prenatal vitamins”. Reasoning with a pregnant woman is like reasoning with a turd, it just makes you feel stupid for wasting the time. Bad turd!
    OB-Gyn’s are partially to blame. The’ll write for whatever hot blonde walks in the front door with a low cut blouse and a bag full of samples. I can just see their fingers twiching wanting to give her a pelvic exam. They have been so brainwashed that they dont realize that an Rx for Folic Acid 1mg plus a super econo-size barrel of cheap generic centrum will do the exact same thing than StuartNatal.
    Just thinking about it gives me heartburn, must be those generic prenatal vitamins I take. 🙂

  • iPledge, the stupidest thing to come since Celgene’s STEPS!

    This last week I got my first experience with that new iPledge program.
    Let me backtrack.
    iPledge is this new system that came out to manage the dispensing of Accutane. You know, the anti-acne medication that if you take it while pregnant causes huge birth defects. So to make themselves feel better at night, they created this stupid program that basically accounts for every accutane prescription thats written. The outcome is that whenever I get an accutane Rx, I need to call the iPledge program (or go online via their broken ass website) to tell them what patent im giving the drug to, how much, and for what days supply.
    I know this whole bullshit is for liability reasons. Dispite the fact that every damn pill has a big DO NOT GET PREGNANT on it, and tons of warnings all over the packaging, somehow people are stupid enough to get pregnant while on Accutane. To them, I say “tough shit, you’re a dumbass. If you sue because of your fucked up baby, its your own fucking fault”.
    Are we next going to be putting “DO NOT DRINK” stickers all over bleach? Are people sueing Clorox because their daughter drank bleach? What about alcohol? Tons of children are fucked up because of alcohol use while pregnant, but you dont see tons of DO NOT GET PREGNANT stickers all over bottles of King Cobra nor a mandatory reporting everytime a store sells booze!
    The iPledge program is stupid. Very stupid. In fact, my first Rx dispensed with iPledge resulted in me calling their asses 4 times and the patient twice to get everything settled. I asked the poor girl who worked there if pharmacists were pissed off at the hoops we had to jump through, and they said “Well, sorta.” No fucking shit! Come on people! Personal accountability! If you decide to get pregnant while on this, even though it says DO NOT GET PREGNANT with little crossed out pregnant woman pictures /everywhere/ then its your own fucking fault! Get it? Your own fucking fault! No suing! No bullshit! Close your fucking legs and take responsiblity for your own mistake!!! The fact that they had to make this program to cover their own asses just shows you how pittiful and sue-happy our country has began. Its always someone elses fault!
    Wake up America! The high prices for medication are because of stupid people taking Rx medication (much like driving a car, has implied risks) and sueing the drug company over something thats totally out of their control! Furthermore, the greedy cock-sucking lawyers who take these cases should be publically hung by their scroatum for contributing to the problem!
    Hypothetically speaking, I dont have the balls to do this (yet):
    What if I dont call you. In fact, what if I completely blow your whole program off and just dispense the drug anyways? You cant stop me from getting the medication because unlike Celgene (with Thalomid) you are NOT the manufacturer and I do not order the product directly from you. Furthermore, you think my wholesaler is going to cut me off from this product when there are 10 different generic accutane manufacturers out there? I dont think so. Are you going to cut off my wholesaler when there are pharmacies that use the same wholesaler that are stupid enough to use the iPledge program? Are you going to sue me for something? Call the state board on me? Lets face it, you cant do jack and/or shit to me nor prevent me from dispensing this product. A quick call to the doctors office to confirm that the FEMALE patient is on birth control totally bypasses your whole program and legally absolves me from any liability. Of course i’m a good pharmacist and wouldnt do /anything/ like that to such a horribly designed program with a horribly designed website (
    Plus, to poke more holes in your already shitty program, how is this program going to prevent Betty Sue RottenCrotch from giving her slutty friends accutane under the table? Is iPledge going to detect that and magically send out the cooch-patrol to slam her legs shut? Lets face it, iPledge is just verbal masterbation that looks good on paper but really does nothing but waste mine and the doctors time.

    Avandia? Coreg? GSK get your head out of your ass.

    Who here in the audience has zero Avandia, AvandaMet or Coreg on their shelves?
    I for one, have zero. I might have a few partial bottles of Coreg, but zero Avandia. Now I remember back in the day when GSK had their shit together. Then one day, I get a notice in the mail that their manufacturing plant has been siezed (not shut down, but siezed) by the FDA. Whoops.
    Then the recalls came. Then Avandamet was never to be seen again. I really wish I knew what the fuck was going on behind the scenes. Did 1000 billion people suddenly become DM II and only Avandia would help them? Why were we having no problems getting it before, and now we get a bottle of 30 every other day if we are lucky. Maybe the GSK guys are out sucking Warrick’s cock because now albuterol MDI’s are like 9 bucks a pop!
    So I hope GSK is reading this as I write them a letter.
    Dear GSK,
    Please get your shit together so we can dispense Avandia to our patients. I dont care if you have to sell your soul to Satan to get this stuff on my shelves. Every day we convert 10 patients to Actos over your product. Again, get your shit together so we can dispense this to our patients.
    Love and Kisses,