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Angry Tweets for 2012-08-22

  • So if there is "legitimate rape" can we have "legitimate stupidity?" Is there an ICD9 code for that? #
  • I have pill dust on the lower part of my shirt. I either am trying to get a crackhead BJ or had a 90yo man ejaculate on me. #
  • Whew! Im glad congressmen say stupid shit, or I might have to hear more about Jersey shore or the Kardashians. Thanks Congress! #
  • Im tired of all the rape/politic talk on twitter. Lets get back to stupid patients, buttholes, poop, etc. #
  • Congress in a nutshell: Bunch of whiny fucks who couldn't hold a real job if given one. Need to grow the fuck up and run the country. #
  • FUCK! A hefty prednisone taper for a pt who can barely hold a conversation. Good troll Doc. Well played.. Well played.. #
  • You can barely comprehend what im saying and you're being put on insulin? Welp, it was nice knowing you! #

Angry Tweets for 2012-08-18

  • There are two kinds of patients in the world, ones that makes you want to kill them, and ones that make you want to kill yourself. #
  • Pt is picking up vicodin/soma and talking about going home to take a nap. Boy, what a hard hard life you live. #
  • Ive realized that pts wont go where they can get personal service, they go for the cheapest, sloppiest, quickest service they can find. #
  • Then they nail you to the cross when their lazyness/stupidty ends up getting them hurt/killed. Welcome to America. #
  • Picking up your Rx's should not be like double parking at a whore-house, fast/sloppy isn't always better. #
  • Aint no party like a crackhead party cuz a crackhead party dont stop! #

Angry Tweets for 2012-06-26

  • A huge helping of Viagra to @drugmonkey you old fart! Happy fucking birthday! #
  • BELAY THAT LAST TWEET. @drugmonkey viagra will be ready after a 2.25 hour wait. Go have a seat and i'll call your name when its ready. #
  • Im sorry @drugmonkey but your insurance isn't allowing your Viagra to go through. It'll be 2 more hours until they get the auth in. #
  • You a pharmacist who works in the trenches? You agree with me on everything? Sign this: #

Angry Tweets for 2012-06-06

  • Theres nothing like a patient who doesnt speak english, doesnt believe anything you say, and wants everything for fucking free. #needplague #
  • Some of my patients say "Why cant you be happy?" I want to respond "Why cant you be less of a fucking idiotic freeloading dumbshit?" #
  • I wake up and deal with this bullshit every fucking day for my wife, my child, and for the 1% of my patients who I actually make a diff. #
  • Some days I feel like saying "fuck it", but then there would be one less awesome pharmacist out there to offset the tons of shitty ones. #
  • To my ungrateful patients: I dont even need a please/thank you anymore, I just need for you to stop treating me like dogshit. #
  • I dont need a new job. I need a massive disaster to make people realize how good they fucking have it, and how it can all be gone in a snap. #
  • Yeah, pharmacists get fucked out of watching the Venus transit the sun, we only see Uranus transit the counters. #
  • Since when does your lack of money suddenly become my problem or fault? If this were cigs or lotto tickets you'd find the fucking money. #
  • Oh right, i'm the greedy 1% who worked his ass off, didnt do drugs, and is in a ton of debt. Oh, my taxes are paying for your life too. #
  • Its people like me that allow people like you to eat 3 meals a day, have a roof over your head, and a nicer fucking phone than me. #
  • If it were up to me, you'd be shoveling shit so you'd appreciate all the taxpayer money you are blowing on car rims, bling, and other shit. #
  • Doctors, there is a special place in TAP hell for those of you who tell your pts a sig change but dont write them a new Rx to inform us. #
  • Because they come to us when they are out in 2 days, insurance wont pay for a refill, and your front-end girl cant understand words. #