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Buh? Angry Tech? No way!

So I get this angry comment from some rabid tech:
So you don’t think techs deal with as much crap as pharmacists? Have you ever worked as a tech? Not only do we have to deal with customers but also pharmacists. Who has to retype entire scripts when they get sent back because the s was missing from teaspoons? Who has to apologize to the customers when they complain because they were sitting in the waiting room forever because the pharmacist forgot to page? Who has to deal with their bosses constantly over their shoulders dictating every task for 8+ long hours a day? Who has to deal with the brand new pharmacists who don’t even know what phenazopyridine is or how to figure out the package size for a box of albuterol nebs? Who always has to deal with the drive-thru?? Who has to run back and forth between filling and the register while the pharmacist pulls up the dreaded chair to verification? Most pharmacists–not all–but most would rather just stay at verification and let technicians work their butts off. All this for 1/5th of pharmacists pay. Finally, about all the complaints you have about insurance/medicare problems, I don’t know about your pharmacy but at mine the techs deal with all the insurance problems.
And I thought I was bitter.
Lets get a few things straight first:

  • I love my techs. In fact there is no way that I could get as much work done as I can if it wasnt for them.
  • I dont work in the “McDonalds of Pharmacies” with drive-thru and a tech turnover rate like Ron Jeremy turns over the porn bitches.
  • I dont let my tech’s do the insurance handling because I want to be the one to blame if shit goes wrong.
  • This isnt going to be a “I hate tech” rant, but honestly the cold hard truth.
    Dear Angry Tech,
    Who’s licence is on the line when you fuck up? A licence that took 7+ years of college and a ball-buster test to obtain. Your existance depends on a pharmacist, like it or leave it. Yes, I have worked as a tech; Yes, I realize that you do the shit that pharamacists dont want to do, but thats your job. Now gimme 100 soma before you taste the back end of a vicodin bottle. 🙂
    Love Always,
    The Angry Pharmacist

  • Happy May!

    Happy May Everyone!
    Its still early as I write this (you all probably arent open yet) but I want to wish you all a very happy May 1st (that falls on a monday, ugh).
    May 1st wishes:

  • Your patients didnt decide to all change to another MediCare Part D plan today
  • Argus will remain up (yeah, i hear your laughter)
  • All of your patients medications will continue to be on the formulary and not require a prior-auth
  • New insurance cards were issued with the correct ID/Group # on them
  • The PBM’s didnt cut our reimbursement rate
    Oh, and hug your Pharm Tech. Even though they dont deal with as much of the crap as we have to deal with, they are still there to cover for you when you’re sobbing in the back room (“he’s got new contact lenses, he’s fine”) or throwing vials at the wall. I wouldnt be here if it wasnt for my Techs, i would be in jail for strangling an idiot.. 🙂

  • Mail Order Douchebags, Part 2

    Why cant patients be upfront with us? Here we are with virtual control over their lives, and they are too stupid to be upfront with information that would save us both time and money.
    Case in point: I had a long time patient come in the other day to get meds refilled. They recently switched insurances so things were sorta whacky. In the process of filling their medications, I got a DUR reject from the insurance company that this was a “duplicate billing”.
    For all you non-pharmacy people out there; the insurance companies (when we transmit the billing info) sends us back warnings once in a while that we have to override. Usually its because its an early refill, a late refill, the crackhead got it 4 days ago at another pharmacy, etc. They are somewhat useful, but intentionally made vague just to fuck with our heads.
    So I’m checking the other terminals thinking that maybe the Rx came in via fax and it was already billed from us. Spent 10 min interrogating everyone if they filled an Rx for this person. Then I interrogated the patient asking if they filled it at another pharmacy, etc. Of course the patient said those magical words “You’re the only pharmacy I go to”. Right, and I shit gold.
    So I call the insurance company on the vague chance that it somehow got transmitted but our computer system didnt receive the response and record it. On hold for 15 min. At this point the patient starts whining about the medication and I fight the urge to throw my shoe. Get someone at the insurance company, who looks it up and tells me it was filled at a mail order pharmacy.
    I hang up the phone and ask the patient: “Are you sure you didnt get these filled somewhere else?”
    “Oh, we go to mail order.”
    I mentally pictured my size 12 shoe fly across the counter and smack that dumb fucking ass right between the eyes. I had visions of me pooping in the sunroof of his/her car. I wanted to rend her/him limb from limb and play jump rope with his/her intestines. I wanted to cram lightbulbs up his/her ass and give a good kick. I wanted to give papercuts on his/her eyeballs.
    “But they give us 3 months for one copay!”
    I felt like saying “And thats fucking worth the 30 min you wasted of mine?” but instead said “im sorry, but you’ll have to pay cash on these Rx’s if you want them filled. *add a 30 buck waste-of-my-time fee*”. If there is a Heaven, I just earned a place in it by not saying what I was thinking. Of course I just lost it by making all of this public. Whoops.
    When he/she left the store, I screamed to my boss “Do people like to waste our fucking time? Is it fun to them?” He just said “Yup” and kept on eating his lunch.
    Now I can understand why people go mail order. 3 months of Rx’s for 1 copay does appeal to those who are lacking in braincells and are cheap. But who has to bail their asses out when the mail is lost or late? Me. Thats right, you are now expecting the guy you shafted to bail your ass out when you need it.

  • You went mail order to save a few bucks and are out. Who do you turn to? Your retail pharmacist!
  • You got medication from Canada or Mexico and it was siezed by the feds. Who do you turn to? Your retail pharmacist!
  • You got out of the ER at 3am and need an Rx filled right now. Who do you turn to? Your retail pharmacist!
  • You have a question about a medication, but dont want to wait on hold. Who do you turn to? Your (non walgreens/rite-aid) retail pharmacist (sorry fellas 😉 !
  • Your daughter got drunk and didnt take it in the butt during a fraternity orgy (Actually she told you “the condom broke” riiiiiiight). Who do you turn to? Your retail pharmacist!
  • Your bitch ass was too cheap and too stupid to use common sense to support the people who could bai you out. Who did you just fuck over and piss off? Your retail fucking pharmacist!
    No wonder why pharmacists drink.

  • Mail Order Pharmacies: shove that stamp up your ass.

    Apologies to any pharmacist that I may insult with this post. Ah what the hell, you deserve it.
    Working in retail, mail order pharmacies really piss me off. I mean its not enough that us poor retail people get the “3 months for 1 copay” bullshit rubbed in our faces by our patients, but when you jerkoffs lose the prescription in the mail (or its late), who has to cover your ass when the patient is out of medication? Its the retail guys thats who!
    You asshole chumps get special “mail order pharmacy” pricing on Rx medication, and super low pricing on shit like test strips and other diabetic supplies, but expect us retail folk to explain to the patient how to use their new shiny blood glucose machine for free.
    You know what, eat shit! Shove that stamp up your ass!
    I have half a mind to tell patients when they come in with your empty vials pleading for a few days supply of medication because their has not come in yet to go piss up a rope. Im not here to cover your mail-order ass. When a ignorant 80 year old comes in with that shiny new One Touch SuperElite Deluxe Model with 10000 buttons asking how to use it, I feel like telling them to go pay your asses a visit in your dark warehouses with fancy security doors.
    I’m not here to pick up the pieces after you (or your patients) drop the ball and end up out of medications. I’m not your bitch when you’re getting 150 bucks for that 29 dollar glucose machine from MediCare and dont have to deal with the patient coming in 5 times becuase they cant match the code on the bottle with the code on the machine.
    So the mantra for the mail-order pharmacy should be “do a half-ass piss-poor job because the retails chumps will cover your ass”. Reminds me of government workers.