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What are they teaching interns these days?

I had a run-in with an intern that just made my blood boil.  I’m not sure if they do exit testing at these colleges before they give kids their PharmD’s, but someone obviously dropped the ball with this one.

I call for a copy to a Large Chain store.  Who answers the phone was an intern who could barely speak english, let alone speak loud enough to be heard over the ambient store noise in the background.   I asked for a copy.  He said to hold on as I could hear him ask the pharmacist on duty (who again, couldn’t speak english to save her life) how to do that.  I jokingly said “Oh, you must of just gotten your intern license” to which he said “No, I’m a graduate Intern”.  A part of my soul died a bit when I realized that someone who graduated from pharmacy school (but has not passed the boards yet) didn’t know how to give a fucking copy.

I sat there on the phone (not even on hold) for 5 min while the pharmacist bok-bok’d to the poor stupid intern on what information was needed to give a copy.  My patience died by the second.  The explanation given was not a “here is it on the screen because you are new to the computer system”, it was “He needs this info and this info, wait, lemme write this down, this info and this info”.  This is a fucking graduate intern, someone with a fucking PharmD!  Now I wont mention what school this dork was from since I ragged on them enough for their White Coat Ceremony, but be aware that I was not happy with what they had churned out for 500 zillion dollars in tuition.  You may have your fancy white coat, but we know how much that’s worth when giving a copy.

My question is WHY are pharmacy schools giving degrees to these idiots who obviously have no clue what they are doing in a retail setting?  Isn’t this what internship/rotations are for, to get this shit out of the way BEFORE they get the shiny doctorate?  Isn’t there some sort of exit test given to make sure these idiots are worthy of the degree?  Obviously not, painfully apparent.

When interns graduate, I expect them to know the basic duties of a retail pharmacist.  I could give a fuck if they can recite the kinetic data for vancomycin, that as useful as tits on a boar when I call for a copy and you don’t know how.

You should know upon becoming free of the shackles of formalized education:

  • How to give a fucking copy
  • What the basic error messages are for insurance companies and how to possibly troubleshoot them (missing invalid group number/person code/etc
  • What a fucking BIN and PCN number are
  • What the AWP and Direct Price mean
  • How to give a fucking copy
  • How to give a fucking copy
  • How to speak english so I don’t need a fucking translator or have you repeat 100 times
  • How to speak up and not mumble like some stroke patient
  • How to give a fucking copy
  • Determine how much anal lube is needed for the PBM’s reimbursement (ha!) of various drugs
  • How to take an Rx over the phone that’s given at 100 words per min
  • How to fucking SPEAK UP so i can HEAR YOU without turning my phones volume up to atomic.  Nothing bugs me more than someone who fucking mumbles softly on the phone.

Pharmacists who hire said idiot intern, what the fuck are you doing not teaching this buffoon how to give a fucking copy?  Why didn’t you rip the phone from his hands, apologize profusely, call him a fucking idiot (he is an intern) and give me the copy as to not waste my time instead of instructing him WHILE  I WAS ON THE PHONE.  My time is not so YOU can teach him something he should know.  Have him come work with me for a week, I guarantee he will either know everything about retail or realize that his PharmD and schooling was a big fucking waste of money.

Pharmacy school who received money to train said idiot, what the fuck are you teaching him?  This isn’t a wonderful clinical land where EVERYONE goes and does clinical work like you think.  Pharmacists should be geared towards RETAIL since that’s where 90% of us go.  I hear that students only get 1 class in retail pharmacy? Yeah, we know how much that helped.  If I taught that class, he would of failed it.

And to the people who think I’m too harsh: You’re not a pharmacist (obviously) so you have NO idea whats going on and should really just keep quiet.

Whats with the retail hateage?

Original is here
Before I tear this poster a new one, in his defense the last paragraph:

I know I’ll get flamed for all of this by the retail pharmacists who read this for being too idealistic and for not even being out of pharm school yet, but I’ve seen what pharmacy can be.

Ah, to be young and in school again. Anyway, on with the show.

I agree with your whole post except the one part. Your comment that profs couldn’t cut it in retail bugs me. In my opinion the profs that did the residencies and are making real clinical decisions worked a hell of a lot harder than those who got through pharmacy school and accepted the sign-on bonus from X pharmacy chain.

Because being someone bitch working for minimum wage in some hospital for a year makes you better than the retail folk? Makes you ‘harder working’? Tell the poor guy working graveyard at Rite-Aid who fills your child’s antibiotics at 2am that. Tell the BS’s in the crowd that the PharmD’s are “harder working” and see where that gets you.

I know this is a big source of contention for you, but I have no problem at all calling them “Dr.” At least at my school..aside from teaching, the profs are clinical pharmacists who do a hell of a lot more “pharmacy” as opposed to retail pharmacists who spend more time dealing with insurance issues.

Son, I’m going to have a heart to heart talk with you. You are going to piss off /a lot/ of retail pharmacists with an attitude like that, so change it right now. Regardless on how you view the world from your wool-pulled-over student eyes, you will have to deal with retail folk, and belittling them by saying that they are less than “clinical pharmacists” is going to get your ass hung out to dry.
This is beside the point that when the public thinks of “pharmacy” they think of the retail guys who give their children antibiotics and prevent medication errors.

Many of them left retail not because they couldn’t cut it, but because they were sick of the retail experience and wanted to actually use their education.

That sounds like “couldn’t cut it” to me. I thought they went through residency programs? Why (for all of their “harder work” than us retail folk) would they settle to be nothing more than pill vending machines and insurance agents? Why don’t they go and work in a hospital to put their “clinical skills” to work rather than sit there and recite the same bullshit year after year to student after student?
I think a real “clinical pharmacist” does a whole helluva lot more than just sit there and talk for an hour to a bunch of students from stuff that they could just read in a book for themselves.

I’ve shadowed and had several experiences in the hospital with these professors and pharmacy residents who do have relationships with doctors and who actually make therapeutic decisions that the doctors listen to. They go on rounds and have full clinic days in addition to teaching.

Gold star for you. I’m proud that you set this old retail pharmacists who has never ever worked in a hospital (do you ever read my site?) straight. Because we all know that us stupid retail folk NEVER EVER make any therapeutic decisions and NEVER EVER do ANYTHING that would have anything to do than what we learn in pharmacy school. We’re nothing but just stupid pill counters.
When your testicles finally drop, and you get your shiny diploma and license, think of me as you are getting screamed at by the attending because you gave someone atenolol with a CrCl of < 20 instead of something like metoprolol. Because us retail folk know nothing of that sort. Our PharmD's and state board licenses are obtained via crackerjack boxes unlike yours which is granted upon thine holyness by the great god of pharmacy himself. However something makes me think you'll be working retail after you get out. Having an entire school of uppity "clinical" students tends to sap out the clinical jobs quite quickly.

As if teaching is automatically the fall back option when in reality retail is the fall back option. They actually use pharmacy school knowledge…it’s not a “fart in the wind” to them. The teaching hospital that our school is a part of employs over a hundred pharmacists. It can serve as a model for what pharmacy could be. I know all this is not the norm by any means, but if pharmacists can’t even respect other pharmacists then how can we ever expect MDs to?

*sigh* I’ll let the other retail folk rip you a new one. I’m too tired to tell you how stupid you sound.
I respect all pharmacists, however its fun to sling shit at each other once in a while to stir the pot.

Maybe it’s just my school, but my professors don’t sugarcoat the retail experience at all. They tell us how much they hated their retail experience and why. They tell us that it would be great to sit down and perform MTM, but the barriers are large. On top of that, The majority of our class has or has worked retail. We are fully aware of how shitty retail is in real life.

I’m glad your professors give you unbiased information. How would they know about ‘retail experience’ if they are all ‘clinical pharmacists’? How would you know anything about pharmacy by just being a student? Why dont you go formulate your own opinions about things like I do vs having them spoon fed to you by the faculty of your school.
My post was not “how shitty retail is”, its that what pharmacy schools teach you is NOT what the real life is about. Maybe if you would actually READ the entry before you spout off your holier-than-thou “clinical pharmacist” attitude crap you would of gotten the picture. Retail isn’t crap, its what the population thinks of when they hear the word “pharmacist”. Like it or not, we are the backbone of the profession and will always be the backbone of the profession.
I’ve worked as a “clinical pharmacist” and to be honest, I’d rather stand for 9 hours and actually socialize with my patients and their families than be some doctors bitch up on the floors of the hospital. I’m a person, not a fucking interactive drug book. Retail guys are furthering the profession of pharmacy so much more than the “clinical guys” because more people interact with us, we are accessible to everyone, and we’re everywhere!
If you would of read my post, you would of gotten that one of the major points (other than the “couldnt cut it”) is that most professors have not worked retail for a while so they have no idea what its like on the “real world”. How can a professor who works only floors at a hospital have any sense as to what retail pharmacy is like vs the guy who has been doing retail for 20+ years?

As a response to Nicole…in almost all cases there isn’t time to sit down with patients. However with the integration of MTM and diabetes-ed services into certain retail chains and the new changes to Medicare D there is an opening for retail pharmacy to move towards allowing actual counseling to happen. Did you know all those techniques for talking with patients IS actually used in the clinical ambulatory settings? Soo…maybe it isn’t all BS. However, if we all as (future) pharmacists continue to keep saying that this will never happen and continue calling all of this BS, then it won’t.

Make sure you make FUTURE pharmacist quite clear, because you are spouting off shit like you have been in the trenches for years. Damn PharmD CANDIDATE (hahah! I hate that word).

Maybe the reason doctors are so mean to you on the phone is because you’re a bitch. I’ve talked with and clarified scripts with more friendly doctors and nurses than assholes.

HAHAHAH I cant wait until you get screamed at by a doctor and end up crying in the pharmacy. Maybe your preceptor will hand you a tissue between giggles. Oh wait, you’re smarter than that stupid retail guy that just ‘settled for’ his job. Or maybe when you make that suggestion to the doctor and he totally shuts you down you’ll get the idea. Getting a script clarification is easy, getting something changed when the doctor has his mind set on something is a completely different story.
Pass the boards first and get your degree before you start throwing shit around, you just look like an idiot.

I know I’ll get flamed for all of this by the retail pharmacists who read this for being too idealistic and for not even being out of pharm school yet, but I’ve seen what pharmacy can be. My retail pharmacy (that does over 400+ scripts a day) has MTM, diabetes ed, flu immunizations, and other counseling sessions that people pay for. I’ve seen first hand the impact and the role that pharmacists can play in the clinical setting. It CAN happen, but if we keep denigrating our own profession and our own colleagues it won’t.

Your retail pharmacy? Son, you have no retail pharmacy and by the way you threw shit at the retail scene up there, what are you doing settling for a retail job anways? I hate to break it to you, but most retail outlets do all that diabetes/immunizations crap too. Of course we are expected to help people manage DM, to council and answer their questions and to give injections. Its part of the job, so don’t think your shit smells any better than ours because we have been doing for years.
You have NO idea how much you are going to get flamed by the retail guys. I really think you should stop visiting this site, because you obviously take stuff obtained from THE ANGRY PHARMACIST as the gospel of pharmacy.

Real Life Retail 101

Pharmacy schools are notorious for filling their students heads with tales of wonderfulness and gummi-bears when they work in a retail setting.  This is due to a few factors:

  • Pharmacy school professors have not worked in retail for 10+ years.
  • Pharmacy school professors could not cut it as retail pharmacists, hence why they teach.
  • If pharmacy school told it as it is, nobody would become pharmacists.

Thats where I come in.  I want all the students to print out this entry and hang it on the bulletin board of their school, because this is ‘Real Life Retail 101’.

First some common smoke that is blown up the ass of students:

Pharmacy School: You will have a working relationship with the doctors of your patients so you can both provide the best possible care.
Real Life: The only interaction you will have with a doctor (in the rare event) is when he calls up and whines like a little bitch about how his precious medication that he prescribed isn’t covered.  He’ll bitch and moan about how he wants Altace over any of the generic ACE-I out there (or the new Soma 250 vs Generic Soma 350) and just ramble off whatever the big titted drug rep told him.  He will blame you for the insurance not covering it as if you had something to do with it.  If and when you catch an error, he/she wont even thank you.

Pharmacy School: You will be treated as an equal by a Doctor and any NP/PA
Real Life: “Just fill the damn vicodin script early, I dont have time to tell you whats going on”

Pharmacy School: You will make a difference in your patients life.
Real Life: There is some truth to that statement, for your regular patients you will have a small (if not a large) impact on their lives.  Be it getting something changed to a less-costly generic, or just dealing with the bullshit of MediCare-D.  The rest of the time you will just be the vicodin police and pissing off the crackheads who doctor shop.

Pharmacy School: You will use your deep pharmacology knowledge to the best of patient health.
Real Life: If you replace ‘pharmacology’ with ‘whats on formulary this month’  then yes, this statement is true.  You will use your pharmacy school knowledge to some extent, but to actually use it as pharmacy school’s preach it is just a fart in the wind.

That being said, here are some survival tips when working in retail:

  • Have a sense of humor – If you dont laugh at your patients or at least poke a little fun when they are not there, you will crack and go insane.  Thats why this site exists.  Make sure they aren’t standing in the store when you poke fun at how bad they stink though. 🙂
  • Know your patients – Say ‘hello’ to them as they walk in the front door.  Know their names, be involved in their lives if they decide to tell you about their kids.  Remember that their kids will be your patients too.  You have techs and clerks for a reason, to do the grunt work while you build a reputation with your patients.  You’d be surprised as to how much people trust what you say over the doctor.
  • Choose your battles – You’ll burnout really quick if you decide to battle every little shit that gets flung at you.  Its easier to just ignore the fact that the old nurse out there is spouting out drug information thats completely wrong than to try to tell her how the Renin-Angiotensin System works.
  • Speak English, not medicine – When you get out of school, you’ll have all these big words that make you sound smart.  Remember that your average patient can barely wipe his/her ass and doesnt really comprehend medical stuff.  Its “blood pressure pill” vs “Beta-Blocker or ACE-I” and “Water Pill” vs “Loop Diuretic”
  • Be vague when asked what a medicine is for – For BP stuff its pretty clear cut.  But sometimes doctors give medication for off-label use.  Be careful with the anti-psychotics.  Call them “mood pills/mood stablizers” not “anti-psychotics”.  Just what you need is to have both barrels of insanity being blown at you when you infer that your patient is on anti-psychotic medication.  Even be vague with the TCA/SSRI’s.  I always say “They are used for mood, for headaches, for nerve pain, etc”.  If they don’t have any of those, they need to talk to their doctor.  You’ll only make that mistake once when a doctor gives a TCA for neuropathy or migraines and then calls you bitching as to how come you told your patient that they had depression.
  • DON’T GUESS! – If you dont know the answer, look it up.  If you have any doubts on a dosage or a medication then look it up.  Don’t guess!
  • Learn from the Doctors – Look at the pediatric Rx’s you get and get a ballpark idea on the OTC cough/cold medication as to how much to give to a patient of x age and y weight.  You will be asked questions when parents come in to buy OTC pediacare drops and how much to give.  If you give what the local pediatricians give you’ll always be okay.
  • Build a tough skin – You’ll be cursed at, sworn to, etc.  Usually it’ll be by crackheads wanting their pain pills early.  Look at the source before deciding to take something personally.
  • Be patient – If you are an impatient person, then dont go into pharmacy.  Spending 15 min explaining to some 85 year old patient as she gives you the cow-stare about her medication will be frustrating.  Especially if shes too dense to realize what “once daily” means.
  • Know when to cut bait – Think of the bottom line of the store you are working at.  If a patient is making you jump through 30 min worth of hoops for an Rx that will net you $5, then its not worth it.  Give more slack to the regular patients (or ones that have been going there for 10 years).  Remember, its costing your employer $1/min for everything you do.  Know when to pull the plug and go do something that earns the store money.  Remember, filling Rx’s puts food on the table, not patient care.  Patient care will earn you money by filling Rx’s and drawing people to your store; but at the end of the day all your talking and helping earned you zero if you did not fill one Rx for that person who just wanted free advice (and will never get something filled there again).  Yeah, it sounds unprofessional, but doctors get paid to talk, we get paid to fill Rx’s.
  • Respect your techs – They are your equal, not your bitches.  Not heeding this can make the difference between them doing their “job description” vs covering for you while you go put your skills to work.  A good tech (AKA ‘Keystone Tech’ as DrugNazi puts it) is extremely hard to find, be nice to them.
  • Respect your elders – Waltzing in with your fancy PharmD and showing up all of the BS’s with 30+ years of experience is a good way to piss people off.  Be humble towards people who have been practicing pharmacy for longer than you have been alive.  You may know more book-learned material than they do, but they know what does and doesnt fly with the patients and doctors.  You cant teach experience, remember that.
  • Be nice to the Doctors Staff – They get the shit done in the office, not the doctor.  Being nice to even the most dumbass office staff can save you from waiting 4 days for that refill request.  They can push you to the top of the request stack in a pinch, and can save your ass when you screw up.
  • Shut up and do your job – There are some time where you just need to bite your lip, and just do your job.  Letting your moral/religious beliefs (AKA refusing to dispense birth control) run your job makes you a pothole in the road of medicine.  You have a job to do, just do it.  People don’t want to hear how you feel about religion, politics, etc.  They come for you for medical help so give it to them in an unbiased way.  Obviously if you have a legitimate health concern (blood clots with
    BCP, etc) then by all means, speak up, thats your job.  Refuse to fill if you feel that the medication will cause documented immediate or long-term harm to the patient, not because of how you personally feel.

I’m sure that there are more, but this is a good starting point. 🙂

Oh, that gosh darn UOP is at it again!

From The Angry Intern, a student of UOP (who is just an Angry Pharmacist in Training) on a “Cultural Competency” class that is given for $55k/yr

Why this is part of our curriculum still puzzles me. Yes we should be aware of other cultures; but that’s also saying we should sterotype people to some extent as well. Why do I bring this up now? Mostly because the professor teaching us how to be culturally competent is in fact the least culturally competent person I’ve met.

A class to teach how to become culturally competent? Oh, it gets better!

Speaking to the class on monday before Thankgiving Day break, she so proudly stated
“Some people think we have Thanksgiving to celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to Plymouth Rock. His journey on the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria” ….”Oh yeah, thats right…..are you smarter than a fifth grader?” (in that “damn right I know my shit” tone)

Uh… Yeah… Now I think classes like this for pharmacists are just outright stupid. For doctors I can sorta see having something like this, because you are at least touching and examining the patient and dont want to offend her by not bowing a certain direction before you stick your hand up her hoo-hah for that annual. What the hell are we to use one of these classes for? To bow before we give out vicodin and soma to a certain class of patient? Or maybe face all of the tablets East or South or maybe North?

“Stereotyping (or racial profiling) didn’t exist until after 9/11” (I don’t know the exact words but this is pretty close)

Thats right, no pharmacist thought to themselves “Oh god, I wonder if I have norco by qualitest in stock” when they see a crackhead of a certain race/color/creed/religion/disability waltz in the front door. Nope, never happened before 9/11 or even before 9:11am for that matter. “No maam, would of never of guessed you wanted trade-name Vicodin judging by all that fake mall-island bling you are wearing and that just-about-repo’d escalade with the 1 spinner rim taking up 2 parking spots in the lot”.
Someone needs to give me some dirt other than UOP. Come on hoards of STLCOP students out there!

White Coat Ceremony – Part Duex

Well well well…
Turns out my rant about the White Coat Creremony got mixed reviews according to my mole at the University of the Pacific (from where I heard, is where it all started).
Lets take a look at the breakdown:

  • To the professors/staff who hate me for ragging on your precious white coat ceremony:
    Seriously, why get angry at me? Because I have the balls to publically call out how stupid your ceremony is? How everyone across the nation agrees with me as to the utter waste of money this mutual-masturbation session is? Seriously, have you taken a step back and realized why I think this is stupid?
    1. Its a waste of money
    2. You go to school because you want to learn. You shouldn’t have to attend a ceremony to make you feel “special” for what you are paying an assload of cash to go there for.
    3. Its stupid, seriously. Its like a birthday party for a 2 year old, they aren’t going to remember anything and its just there to make YOU feel special.
    4. You made it so the alumni couldn’t even attend! They are the ones who are footing the bill!
    5. Some of your stupid students were actually excited about the whole thing!
    6. Pride and respect for your future profession should come from your acts and from within, not some stupid ceremony that the school puts on. If you need a $30k handjob ceremony to make you feel good about being a pharmacist, then please, go kill yourself. We don’t need you going postal on everyone in 10 years when you realize that its not all candy-canes and fruit-loops like UOP pretends it is.
    Now, I’m going to give you all a little hint as to how to make the white coat ceremony seem not as retarded. I know that almost all schools (at least mine did) had a rotation program setup where you finish classes, then go off on rotations for x months working in bum-fuck Egypt for minimum wage. When you get back, you graduate, take the boards, etc. Have the stupid white coat ceremony AFTER you are done with classes but BEFORE you go off on rotations. You know, symbolizing you are finished with classes and are off to work “in the real world” (sorta). Mini-graduation to so speak. Thats a whole lot less corky than having the ceremony before the first round of midterms (which im sure some of them failed. Go cry into your white coat you failure!)

  • To all of the UOP students who hate me, and think that I should not be a pharmacist:
    1. You have no idea what you are dealing with.
    2. Go have fun at your little association meetings pretending you are a “leader in pharmacy”. Remember me when you are begging for copies with your broken bok-bok engrish at the end of your 12 hour shift for Walgreens.
    3. Go actually work in a pharmacy before you shoot your mouth off about me.
    4. You are in for a rude awakening once you leave the comforting colon of UOP and get shat out into the ‘real world’ without anyone to wipe your ass or tell you how special you are.
    5. Mommy and Daddy can’t pay your way to making people not yell at you for their soma. The sooner you learn this the better. Dealing with the public (especially the sick public) sucks ass but it has to be done.

  • To all of the UOP students who think I am awesome:
    1. Join my facebook group.
    2. Obviously you have either worked with the public or have worked in a pharmacy.
    3. Spread the word of angry around campus. I need more moles (
    4. Go kick the asses of those uppity bitches who dont like me. Obviously they are going to get screamed at eventually, mine as well have it be by their classmates.

  • To all the UOP students who failed out of pharmacy school after the first semester:
    1. Be sure to hang up that nice white coat. We don’t want the symbol of your failure to get dirty.
    2. Have fun wearing that coat around the house pretending to be something that you are not.
    3. Haw Haw. Now you see why I think the whole ceremony is stupid?

  • White Coat Ceremony

    While in my absence, I have recieved this email from a student at the University of the Pacific.

    First off, I love your site. Since you hate things that are retarded, I figured that you would like to hear about this “White Coat Ceremony” that we had at the University of the Pacific ( It took place a few Monday’s ago during lunch (so those who actually work for a living couldnt attend)
    I started pharmacy school in the fall, we haven’t even had our first round of midterms yet and we are expected to go to this utterly retarded ceremony.
    So we are expected to dress formally, shirt and ties for guys, dresses for the not-guys. They have this outdoor thing all setup like graduation or something. We stand in single file line and are lead in. The professors stand there and talk about how special we all are, and how wonderful the alumni are for donating money so they could put this on. If it wasn’t for them we could not do this, blah blah blah. The Dean comes and says the line “You are no longer studying for yourself, but studying for your patients”. Then we get our name announced as we walk up there in front of everyone and get this nice white labcoat placed upon us by the faculity. They then give us an Rx pin that stands for “Loyality, Dedication, Honor, Commitment, Trust and the American Way”. You know, stuff like Captain Planet or Captain America would say. Then we get lead down to the dean whom we have to shake hands with while holding a copy of the “Pharmacists Oath”. The ceremony finishes off with more talk about how wonderful the Alumni are for donating money to put this on, etc.
    I feel dirty wearing this white coat.

    Ah, private schools. The only place where the staff preach about how to work in retail despite them not actually working in retail for 10 years. Where the students sit there and masturbate to their reflection in the mirror of how great they are compared to students who go to a public school. Hate to tell you, but all of our licenses are the same color, and we all get treated the same after you’re done. We all have to pass the same test be it your school cost 50 or 5000 dollars.
    I do find it funny that it took place on a Monday. The historic busiest day for pharmacies across the country during one of the busiest times of the day. Maybe they didn’t want the alumni to come (because it sounds like they are /so/ important) to see what a utter fucking waste of their hard-earned donated money this is.
    I hate “feel good” ceremonies. My “White Coat Ceremony” was a fucking banquet table out in front of the classroom building with a sign that said “Lab Coats: $15”. It was even wrapped in fucking plastic. What does UOP hope to accomplish with bullshit like this? To get some poor kids hopes up to have them fail the first round of midterms and fail out of school? “Thanks for the memories, heres your white coat to symbolize what a fucking failure you are. Please donate so we can do this next year”.
    However lets look deeper at how completely stupid this whole auto-masturbation ceremony that UOP did. If I were a fucking alumni, I wouldn’t give a fucking dime to UOP because I know they are just going to piss it away on fucking stupid shit like this instead of doing something that will actually /help/ the students (classroom supplies, new white lines in the parking lot, blowjobs during finals, etc). I dont even see the purpose of this ceremony, why waste the money on it? To make the students feel better about themselves? I’m sorry, but if you dont feel good about yourself going into pharmacy school, then get the fuck out and make room for someone who doesn’t need a fucking hug and their asshole wiped by the faculty to make them feel “at home”.
    Plus whats this “No longer studying for yourself but for your patients” bullshit. I am studying for myself because I /want/ to be a good pharmacist and I /want/ to succeed and I /want/ to be the best that I can be. Making yourself a good pharmacist will directly benefit your patients. You will be more inclined to do it for yourself vs waking up one morning and realizing that you put up with years of college for some unwashed asshole to sit there and yell at you because the doctor hasn’t auth’d an early refill on his soma.
    The pin itself is what kills me. It stands for Truth, Justice and the American Way. The submitter was right, it was like fucking Captain America is going to go bash all the crackheads in the face with his Shield of Justice as all the poor folk get their antibiotics. This whole email was so over the top I cant even put it into words how disgusted I am that a school would be doing this. Its a fucking school, you go there to learn. I bet that UOP would even gladly hand you a big fucking F in a class and watch how feel-good you are when you shove that up your white-coat ceremony.
    Just more examples as how this website should be on every pharmacy school’s website to let them know what the profession is really like. I thought I had the wool pulled over my eyes, UOP takes the fucking cake. If you are a student at UOP, please comment and tell me that this email was just an over exaggeration and shit like this didnt really happen. Then tell your classmates to join my Facebook Group because only one fucking student at UOP is with the program at this point.
    I should fly out and teach a class there.