What you are to read may offend and even will piss you off. Its the daily ramblings and venting of a young pharmacist who works in a not-so-great part of town. If you are offended easily, then please, just turn off your computer and dont log into the internet ever again. We already have too many uppity people who have sticks up their asses on here already, we dont need another one.
If this doesn’t apply to you, then I have some further warnings. What you may find here may include:

  • Off-color remarks about ones race, creed, religion, sexual preference, handicapped, or anything else that you find on those equal opportunity handouts.
  • Lots of swearing
  • Lots of bitching about things you may hold dear, such as your insurance company!
  • Stuff you disagree with, and some stuff you may agree with
  • Some misc pharmacy knowledge that you can impress your friends with over dinner, like how to dose Zyvox
  • Spelling mistakes, lots of spelling mistakes!
  • Other stuff.
    Note that my opinions and feelings here do NOT represent the feeling of whom I work for, nor my profession as a whole. I wont say where I work, nor will I give any specifics that will reveal who I work for, or anything that Mrs Clinton can sick the HIPPA gustapo after me about.
    What you will NOT find here:

  • Niceness
  • Flowers
  • Cookies
  • Real names
  • Anything your cyberslut 14 year old can rub one out to. (This aint MySpace folks!) (that was harsh, even for me, woah)
    A little about me:

  • I’m young compared to the age average in my profession.
  • I work in a pharmacy as a pharmacist (duh)
  • I went to college for 7 years to recieve a Doctorate in Pharmacy
  • I have a license by the state for which i reside to sell narcotics.
  • I’m one of those republicans who hates psycho-religious republicans
  • I’m typing this in my boxers
  • I have a very crazy sense of humor.
    If you wish to get a hold of me, you may do so at

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    1. Hey lets hear some bitchin about the God damn medicaid people that drive thru the drive thru in a lexus picking up there free cialis!! Then they bitch when some of them have to pay a dollar co pay!!! Boo fuckin who! I wish my co-pay’s were a fuckin dollar. Keep it coming brother i love the blog!

    2. Hello, Angry Pharmacist. Read your 2nd latest post about having a Facebook group. Went on Facebook to search which brought me to this post of yours. Just wondering whether I joined the correct group? 🙂

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