Math is HARD! Im not SMRT!

I’m far from being a mental bigot. I understand that a ton of people did not go to college and dont have the in-depth knowledge that I have with regards how medications and the human body work.
But some people act so stupid, that a 4th grader could out-do them. For that, I must make fun of said people. I’m sorry, but read on and you’ll see what i’m talking about.
Example 1:
You get 90 tablets of Vicodin. You take 3 per day. How long will this supply of vicodin last you? ***BONUS! It says on your bottle “Must last 30 days”***
Now all of you at home, since you obvously are reading this over a computer will say that the supply will last 30 days, because 90 / 3 = 30. HOWEVER ghetto-math says otherwise. Ghetto math says to call the pharmacy after 10 days and ask for the refill, because you sold 9 vicodin a day, thereby leaving you short.. Oh, and also you need to get really mad when I say that you cant have them early and threaten me. Pharmacists like to be threatened when you your narcotic refills early.
Example 2 (this one is harder):
Today is 9/25/05. The pharmacist says that your Somas are due in 1 month. What day would that be?
Now a normal person would guess 10/25/05. Even if one of the months had 31 days, you would be within 1 day and close enough. However ghetto-math says that 1 month has exactly 10 days, so thats when you should get your pain-pills refilled. Ghetto-math is never wrong, remember that!

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