Walgreens: The Pharmacy that Screws America

Gee, where do I start bitching about Walgreens. Oh, I know!
AARP Medicare part D was down for most of the day. Guess who processes them? Walgreens!
Come on guys, get your shit together. I have to pay about 10 cents per transmission and I really hate having to transmit about 10 times per Rx because your servers have shit the bed. You’re probably taking a cue from Argus arent you?
To add fuel to the fire, I saw this on the int0rweb:
Now for those of you out there who want the cliff-note version, here ya go:
Basically Walgreens sent out a pity letter a few months ago to most of the independant pharmacies in the country. I got one, my friends got one, everyone got one. The letter basically stated that if you wanted out because of shitty Medicare part D reimbursements, Walgreens will happily buy your business, blah blah blah.
Guess who’s on the top of shitty and late reimbursements? WHI (Walgreens Health Initative) who processes for AARP. Hmm, the plot thickens. So let me paint the picture here:
WHI gives low/late reimbursements while a sister company (Walgreens) sends these “we’ll help ya out if you sell out to us” letters. Sort of like if the oil company offers to buy your car for $20 bucks because fuel that they produce is $10 a gallon.
Now comes the million dollar question: For Rx’s filled by a walgreens store that are processed by WHI, are the reimbursements higher than your local independant pharmacy? I believe to avoid a “conflict of interest” lawsuit, there has to be some division between the retail Walgreens and WHI. Agreed?
These are some tough questions, and I hope an official Walgreens or WHI rep can get to grassrootsrx.org to give them some info to make them look like less-douches.

8 thoughts on “Walgreens: The Pharmacy that Screws America”

  1. Wow couple days and there still down… What scum…. Of course the Patients think it’s our fault.. Good God…What a mess

  2. I have to hand it to you Retail fellas. Your job is one that I would never have and could never work -and I’m an Rph. Been there done that. I’d rather chew on rusty razor blades than stand behind a counter “utiliziing my 4 years of extensive education” to put up with shitty customers and even shittier management. You’ve my upmost respect.

  3. Why does Walgreens get 35% more for drugs than
    Costco??? They rip off seniors with no insurance
    and when you talk to the pharmacist in Hollywood fl she has an attitude. Buy your items from a company that isn’t a rip off

  4. Think of the Walgreens pharmacists who not only have to deal with AARP being down but also with the corporate head up thier ass leadership they from the numb nuts that run the company. I am a Walgreens pharmacist and if it wasn’t for the fact that I can only get healt ins. in a group such as through working for a chain I would tell them to go fuck off. Every other week we have to here about cutting hours yet we are filling more scripts. I have yet to hear about them sending one of thier non-proffit generating secretaries home early. It’s rough everywhere, the problem is we are not united against the chain management and the insurance companies.

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