The Pharmacy Challenge

So since the last week or so have pissed off a bunch of people, I have pulled some old not-so-angry posts from the unpublished archives of TAP for your viewing pleasure.
This isnt an angry post, but mostly out there for the students.
Here is some shit that i did when I was in pharmacy school (and out on rotations) that made life a bit more interesting.

  • The Ambien Challenge: 2 guys take a 10mg of ambien, and the first one to fall asleep loses. I managed to win long enough for my legs to go numb, upon which i crawled to my bed. My victory dance involved only the top half of my body, and from what I can remember it looked like I won the special Olympics.
  • The MagCitrate Challenge: 2 guys, 2 bottles of MagCitrate, 1 toliet. Its a race, whoever can explode out of their ass first is the winner. Needless to say the urge for me to NOT shit my pants was my undoing. The secret is to chug the Mag Citrate, and lock yourself in the only restroom. Squirting butt-juice as you hunch over in the backyard bushes isn’t all that fun (especially after a few beers).
  • Wheelchair races: You haven’t worked odd-hours in a hospital until you have done wheelchair races against the medical residents. Due to the compound they use on the rear wheels for traction, I strongly recommend to NOT power-break the rear wheels to slide into that sharp turn. You’ll flip, trust me.
  • NS Fights: What do you do with old expired bags of Normal Saline? JUMP ON THEM IN THE PARKING LOT! They really explode quite nicely. You can also pin-prick a hole in them and spray your fellow interns. However doing so with D5W tends to make things a bit hard to clean up.
  • Monday Morning Flush: Make a few friends with the ER nursing staff or some medical residents who come early monday morning can load ya with a few liters of IV D5W after a hard weekend of drinking. Its magic I tell you, magic! If you open up a clinic that did nothing but this near a party-college and charged $50 a pop, you could make millions. If you totally do this I want a cut for coming up with the idea. You heard it first here!
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    1. A pharmacist I work with said that at her previous job, some high school kids who worked there asked about syrup of ipecac, “Is it really true that this stuff will make you puke?” She replied, “Yes” and they didn’t believe her, so they tried it.

    2. Ambien challenge? Nothing like shouting from the rooftops about your former abuse of controlled substances. I’d have changed the story and made it Trazodone.

    3. Well I had a bought of insomnia quite some time ago, and I took my 10 mg tab, and rather than go to bed, I stayed on my computer for a bit longer, since I wasn’t tired yet, didn’t want to lie in bed to wait for it to kick in, so an hour later I retired to bed. Keep in my the lights were off the entire time, but once I was focusing on the shadows, they came “alive” then when I was freaking out what is happening I puked in the toilet. It was so much fun, I took my Ambien that way for then on out. Slept great, had visions, though didn’t puke any longer. Joy!

    4. refrigerated SWFI is also delicious after a weekend of hard drinking – i work in the IV room currently. and i know plenty of people who take a zofran when drinking (the sublinguals taste like candy) to prevent the ever-embarressing toilet-cuddle

    5. Seriously, any idea how I can find a good pharmacist to work in a clinic pharmacy–no managed care, no insurance?–

    6. This was my favorite pharmacy blog post last semester! Is it fun like this at your store? I could go for a new job 🙂

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