Back with a vengeance.. Well, not really.

So, here we are again.

Where as the mighty angry one been all these years?  I’ll be honest.  Life.  Thats right, fucking life.  Happens to the best of us boys and girls.  Get married, have kids, and suddenly you’re on statins, getting a colonoscopy, watching your pharmacy infamy die a horrible rotting death, and watching ‘my 600 lb life’ hating that fucking doctor’s gold stethoscope.

Well, that and I just didnt give a fuck anymore about the daily crackhead grind and idiot patients.  I had reached pharmacy-zen where every problem was no big deal.  I expected the early refill bitching and the stupid lost script song and dance.  I expected idiots to not understand they had a deductible first of the year (like the previous 5+ years that they magically ‘forgot’ about).  It’s hard to rant about shit when you expect it coming in the door for 10+ hours a day.

Plus the server the site was on was held together by duct-tape and bailing wire.  I was afraid to post for fear of the entire deck of cards falling down.   No really, it was a strong Go-Lytely fart away from exploding.

Not to mention (I absolutely hate this fucking part) that I had to watch what I post and couldn’t be as raw as I had in the past.  Yeah, censoring yourself sucks.  However since our president is 1000x worse than I am, fuck it trebek!

In other words I’m as full of excuses as your typical crackhead…. Only i’m not hounding you on the phone…. or staring at your face… or wishing you dead… or wanting a gallon of prometh with codeine for my ‘bronchitis’…  Ya’ll got the yellow norcos? I’ll pay cash!

HOWEVER!  That being said, after hearing the calls of help from you all, I dumped money into a server, got my shit together, got a new shitty site layout that will not be 100 years out of date, and decided to MAKE PHARMACY GREAT AGAIN (Okay, so maybe I wont make it ‘great’, I’ll just make it suck a whole lot less)!  Like motherfucking Batman coming out of retirement (actually I think im more of a Deadpool’ish sorta crazy).

Motherfucking #tapreturns (for the record, I fucking HATE hashtags.  Like really hate them.  Twitter ruined the internet.

Enough about my excuses! Here are some tidbits that are in the pipe for ranting:

  • eScripts and how much they make my life hell (complete with image examples of some whacky ones if I can figure out how to strip all the metadata out so people dont get in trouble with the HIPAA police)
  • Docs who take altered C2 Rx’s and say “Oh just fill it anyway”.  Yeah, what the fuck.
  • All the bullshit the DEA makes us do now for stupid Opoids + Soma + Benzos.  As if I did enough babysitting.
  • Just general fucking bitching about DIR fees and other insurance bullshit.

35 thoughts on “Back with a vengeance.. Well, not really.”

  1. AAAAND…for those of us who are PISSED at trying to get decent healthcare while a few people seem to be able to to use the medical system for their routine entertainment buzzz…Thank you!! Welcome back! I just found you about a year ago, and was rather heartbroken when I reached the end of the posts. Just got the notification and threw a small party on the porch!!

  2. I have missed you, Angry Pharmacist. With you, I know that I am not alone. This gives me great peace. People fucking make me sick in general, but when you have to go do your job and have to deal with them it makes Death seem like a long awaited vacation [ yep, the vacation you don’t come back from to ever deal with these fucking idiots again]. I am not really suicidal but it never really hurts to integrate the Dirt Nap in your daily dealings. Idiot nurses, doctors ( not nearly as numerous as the idiot nurses), and the same motherfucking idiot patients over and over again. I could keep going on & on, but there simply is not enough space in our galaxy for my rants & I am certain that I would get arrested !!! No. I know I would go to prison for sure !!! Thank you Angry Pharmacist. Welcome back !!!!

  3. Glad you’re back…rant away! this is the exact reason I started blogging, to vent my frustrations and hope that people will someday realize to stop being a-holes….I know, wishful thinking!

  4. Glad to see your back at the job, thought you left us for the other side (working for a PBM)

  5. WELCOME BACK from a fan in Australia….can’t wait for the big tears of laughter you had me in…MISSED you!!! It’s not just USA…it’s everywhere…about rude, crazy people of the public…corporates making their run…& loss of gov’t control on healthcare coz they just don’t understand how it functions…coz, few are medical people. I appreciate you have a LIFE…but, please share your insight if you have time…coz, it’s great. It just helps me better accept crap, at times. I visualise your blog could be turned into a TV show…it really IS that funny!
    All best wishes with you.

  6. So glad you’re back. Checking in from the pharmacy hellhole that is Las Vegas. #What’sACocktail???

  7. Welcome back , I have since retired from Pharmacy life , yet sometimes have flash backs ..Too funny.

  8. I’m certainly not angry with pharmacists – they have helped me and my patients more than I can say. I do not like them giving travel vaccines (my specialty), but that’s another subject.

  9. Wow don’t know what made me check but can’t believe you’re back!! It warms my black heart

  10. Thank God you’re back. Running my own angry blog about CVS/health now in hopes it’ll gain enough negative PR they’ll buy my site to shut me the fuck up. I have missed you 🙁

  11. Yep , you’re on the money ! Gave up full time after 40 years ! Now part time and it’s fun to look the abusers in the eye, laugh, and tell them you won’t fill it. Can walk any time , not management , no pressure !
    The public is still quite disgusting at times , but once in a while , a sincere “thank you” and a smile can make my day !
    Trying to figure out how to make bisacodyl tablets that look like “yellow generic Norco”. Love to set them loose on the street !

  12. You take the words mother and fucker to a new hybrid level. I was worried that you had been incarcerated or institutionalized and that was the reason for your absence. You are the voice of a jaded sarcastic generation of pharmacists that realize patients only open their opioids over the toilet and never their diuretics. (Apparently shitting is a painful act that requires Prn narcotics – prolly due to all those prn narcotics). As a Canadian I must admit some of your woes are foreign to me, but I believe douchebag patients, idiot nurses, clueless insurance plans and corporations raping our profession are universal. Welcome back and I look forward to every non-sensored rant.

  13. So… code-speak for “I was in rehab after choking THAT customer…” aside: Can you FINALLY refill my (homemade) script for an Oxydonky binge I’m planning for this weekend?

    Glad to have you back. Even if it you do have to wear that awkward ankle bracelet monitor.

  14. A technical question:

    “I dumped money into a server”

    Why? I ran the world’s greatest pharmacy blog for over 10 years and never put a dime into it. With blogspot, wordpress, etc, etc, why would you spend money on maintaining a blog?

    Genuinely curious about this.

  15. Just found your blog and forwarded the URL over to my son, a PharmD working in a poor area in a major Midwestern city. I’m betting he will laugh so hard that he will piddle in his pants.

    I hear the same things from him.

  16. TAP,

    I know you haven’t posted in a few months. I wanted to leave a comment anyway. When I first started reading your blog months and months ago. I really took issue with your overall anger at the public. Well, I finished reading your entire entries ( yes I know it took me forever to do so). I put everything you said together in my head and it makes sense. Despite your name you do care. You care a lot. It took me awhile to see this and to understand. I just wanted to simply (in the longest most drawn out, entirely unnecessary way) to say thank you. Thank you for helping people like me get the zillions of scripts they turn in every month. Thank you for catching my drug interactions which could have left me dead. Your profession has saved me in the most literal way many times. I can’t help the truckloads of medicine I’m on. Each one in a sense keeps me from being useless. I’m not referring to CIIs only. I’m referring to the meds like baclofen that keep me from being a living statue . and zonisamide which keeps me from flopping around like a fish out of water. The spastic cerebral palsy I have doesn’t just effect me. My entire family is effected and Pharmacists are an extra line of defense that I am greatful for.

  17. You people don’t sound like professionals at all. And if you’re truly pharmacists PLEASE find another profession! You sound like you’re describing yourselves when you rant about asshole doctors, nurses, and patients. God knows I don’t want another encounter with a judgemental asshole pharmacist that thinks they know more than my doctor. You’re a fuckin pharmacist. Get another job so people don’t have to deal with your hateful ass!

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